Oct 24-26, 2017 | Las Vegas

2016 Exhibitor List

These leading UAS companies exhibited at Commercial UAV Expo 2016. The 2017 list will be posted shortly.

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  Name Booth # Website Country
  Name Booth # Website Country
Acecore Technologies614 www.acecoretechnologies.com Netherlands1
Aerialtronics525 www.aerialtronics.com Netherlands1
Aeroscout GmbH403 www.aeroscout.ch Switzerland1
Aerotenna508 aerotenna.com United States1
AeroVironment314 www.avinc.com United States1
Aeryon Labs Inc.209 www.aeryon.com Canada1
AgEagle by Raven631 www.ageagle.com United States1
AGERpoint Inc.611 www.agerpoint.com United States1
Agile Sensor Technologies14 www.agilesensors.com Canada1
Agrowing408 www.agrowing.com Israel1
Aibotix GmbH616 www.aibotix.com Germany1
Airbus Group535 localmotors.com Germany1
Airgon LLC125 www.airgon.com United States1
Airnest513 www.airnest.com United States1
AirRobot US Inc514 www.airrobot-us.com United States1
Airware215 www.airware.com United States1
AL & Ei Resources13Australia1
Altavian Inc.424 www.altavian.com United States1
Altus Intelligence103 www.altusuas.com New Zealand1
ARGUS Unmanned212 www.argus.aero United States1
Asylon, Inc510 www.flyasylon.com United States1
Autodesk, Inc.409 www.autodesk.com United States1
AUVSI Assoc of Unmanned Vehicle Systems Int'l627 www.auvsi.org United States1
AviSight128 www.avisight.com United States1
Balboa Capital531 www.balboacapital.com United States1
BayesMap Solutions, LLC111 www.bayesmap.com United States1
Beijing TT Aviation Technology15 www.ttaviation.com China1
Bentley Systems115 www.bentley.com United States1
BirdsEyeView Aerobotics623 www.birdseyeview.aero United States1
Blue Marble Geographics106 www.bluemarblegeo.com United States1
Cardinal Systems607 www.cardinalsystems1.net United States1
C-Astral Aerospace515 www.c-astral.com Slovenia1
DARTdrones, LLC113 www.dartdrones.com United States1
DataMapper325 www.datamapper.com United States1
Datumate Ltd.124 www.datumate.com Israel1
Del Mar College1 uastec.org United States1
Delair-Tech315 www.delair-tech.com France1
Delft Aerial Robotics B.V.203 darfly.com Netherlands1
Draganfly Innovations Inc.532 www.draganfly.com Canada1
Drone Business Center6 dronebusiness.center United States1
DroneDeploy425 www.dronedeploy.com United States1
Dynamic UAV Solutions, LLC503 dynamicuav.com United States1
Embention233 www.embention.com Spain1
ENR629 www.enr.com United States1
Epson America, Inc229 global.epson.com United States1
Falcon Unmanned615 www.falconunmanned.com United States1
Field of View LLC412 fieldofviewllc.com United States1
FLIR Systems415 www.flir.com United States1
Flyability309 www.flyability.com Switzerland1
FlyCam UAV614 www.flycamuav.com United States1
Fortem Technologies, Inc.231 www.fortemtech.com United States1
Futaba Corporation of America332 www.futaba.com United States1
Geodetics, Inc.435 www.geodetics.com United States1
GISCafe.com130 www.GISCafe.Com United States1
GRADD408 GRADD.co United States1
Harris Corporation109 www.harrisgeospatial.com United States1
Hexagon Geospatial621 hexagongeospatial.com United States1
Holmans USA, LLC533 www.holmans.com United States1
Indiana State University5 technology.indstate.edu United States1
Infrared Camera Inc432 www.infraredcamerasinc.com United States1
Inside Unmanned Systems127 insideunmannedsystems.com United States1
Intel Corporation139 www.intel.com United States1
Intetics Inc530 intetics.com United States1
Keystone Aerial Surveys617 kasurveys.com United States1
Kinetic Energy Media700United States1
KOBAYASHI Precision Industry Co., LTD612 www.kobasei.com Japan1
Laser Technology, Inc.120 www.lasertech.com United States1
Leica Geosystems Inc.616 uas.leica-geosystems.us United States1
Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Inc.429 www.leptron.com United States1
LiDAR USA428 www.lidarUSA.com United States1
Local Motors, Inc.535 www.localmotors.com United States1
Lockheed Martin Corporation602 www.lockheedmartin.com United States1
Measure329 www.measure.aero United States1
MEMSIC133 www.memsic.com United States1
MicaSense333 micasense.com United States1
microdrones414 www.microdrones.com United States1
Microhard Systems Inc.330 www.microhardcorp.com Canada1
MicroPilot433 www.micropilot.com Canada1
MULTIROTOR service-drone.com208 www.service-drone.com Germany1
NavtechGPS324 www.navtechgps.com United States1
Nightingale Security524 www.nightingalesecurity.com United States1
North Dakota UAS Team328 www.nduas.com United States1
NovAtel Inc.117 www.novatel.ca Canada1
NVBAA632 nvbaa.org United States1
Orbit GT619 www.orbitgt.com Belgium1
Oxford Technical Solutions Ltd.324 www.oxts.com United Kingdom1
PCI Geomatics129 www.pcigeomatics.com Canada1
Penn State University3 gis.e-education.psu.edu United States1
Perkins Coie534 www.perkinscoie.com United States1
Phase One Industrial302 industrial.phaseone.com United States1
Phoenix LiDAR systems308 www.phoenixlidar.com United States1
PhotoModeler213 www.photomodeler.com Canada1
Pix4D114 www.pix4d.com United States1
POB Point of Beginning629United States1
Poms & Associates Insurance Brokers312 www.pomsassoc.com United States1
PrecisionHawk325 www.precisionhawk.com United States1
Pulse Aerospace, LLC102 pulseaero.com United States1
R4 Robotics Inc439 www.r4robotics.com United States1
RemotePilot101603 www.MZeroa.com United States1
RIEGL USA Inc.403 www.rieglusa.com United States1
Rutgers University2 mae.rutgers.edu United States1
SBG Systems S.A.S.608 www.sbg-systems.com France1
senseFly214 www.sensefly.com United States1
Septentrio116 www.septentrio.com United States1
SGS North America108 www.sgsgroup.us.com United States1
Sharper Shape, Inc.12 www.sharpershape.com United States1
SightLine Applications528 www.sightlineapplications.com United States1
Silicon Forest Electronics118 www.siliconforestelectronics.com United States1
Silver State Case Company601 silverstatecase.com United States1
SimActive Inc.626 www.simactive.com Canada1
SKY-FUTURES509 www.sky-futures.com United Kingdom1
SlantRange609 www.slantrange.com United States1
SmartPlanes413 www.smartplanes.se Sweden1
Smartvid.io512 www.smartvid.io United States1
Spotscale AB313 spotscale.com Sweden1
Swift Analytics628 swiftco.us United States1
SwissDrones Operating AG502 www.swissdrones.com Switzerland1
Technodigit624 technodigit.com France1
Terrasolid Ltd.122 www.terrasolid.com Finland1
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.303 www.topconpositioning.com United States1
Trimble224 www.trimble.com United States1
Tuffwing630 www.tuffwing.com United States1
uGridd Corporation538 www.ugridd.com United States1
Unmanned Aerial Online704 unmanned-aerial.com United States1
Unmanned Safety Institute212 unmannedsafetyinstitute.org United States1
Unmanned Systems Technology529 www.ust-media.com United Kingdom1
Velodyne LiDAR, Inc.225 www.velodynelidar.com United States1
Viper Drones431 www.viper-drones.com United States1
VirtualGrid610 www.vrmesh.com United States1
xyHt Magazine232 www.xyht.com United States1

The Commercial UAV Event for:

Surveying & Mapping

Civil Infrastructure

Mining & Aggregates


Process, Power & Utilities

Law Enforcement, Emergency Response & Search and Rescue

Precision Agriculture


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