Commercial UAV webinars feature the best and brightest speakers and organizations in the industry. Listen to speakers like Scott Widmann, Ron Gant, Baptiste Tripard, Nick Palatiello and plenty more discuss the challenges and opportunities they’re encountering in the market.

Putting UAVs to Work: Construction Firms Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Previously Recorded on November 18, 2015 The fascination surrounding UAVs (or drones) is undeniable, and some of the world’s leading construction firms have already begun using them to perform a growing list of data gathering tasks like aerial surveying, site inspection and monitoring, and aerial photography and 3D mapping. But before you consider adopting drones,…

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So You Want to Buy a Drone?

This webinar will focus on assisting newcomers to the field of UAVs sift through the many details involved in understanding the various technologies, reviewing the tradeoffs, and identifying key considerations before purchasing a system. Topics discussed include an overview of common UAV subsystems (i.e. airframes, auto-pilots, sensors, etc.), various operating characteristics (i.e. flight duration, launch/retrieval…

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Integrating UAV Data Acquisition into Civil Design Today

Previously Recorded on January 22, 2015 Sustaining Transportation infrastructure  is a challenge and essential in supporting society development. Maintaining existing assets  as well as designing new ones are examples of today’s missions of Transportation professionals. Technology continues to progress to meet those challenges today. In this webinar, we will review using Aerial point clouds and…

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