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Dave Truch – BP

Technology Director, Digital Innovation Organization
Commercial UAV Expo Presenter Dave Truch

Dave Truch – BP

Technology Director, Digital Innovation Organization


Dave is now located in Houston and is focusing on innovative solutions associated with deep water technologies, remote locations and strengthening the interaction with traditional IT and energy sector technology groups.

In his prior role in Functions, Dave was accountable for the IT component of the 5 year strategies for four functions, Communications and External Affairs, Economics, Group Planning and Group Technology; integrated strategy (DCT, HR and Property) of delivering choice workplace solutions for the organization; creating the blueprint for change associated with the convergence of the Group Security, Digital Security and Crisis Management organizations into one single group focused on enterprise security and continuity.

Prior to that, Dave was accountable for the BP IT relationships with universities, research organizations, venture capital groups, strategic partners, industry forums and leading practitioner; primary function was uncovering either existing trends or new trends from weak signals, creating structure from the trends and themes of the external world; bringing those thoughts into the BP organization through a series of structured conversational events which events created step-changes or game changes for BP in the digital space; for example, establishing the offshore agenda within BP, a program of work that has resulted in a game-changing sourcing offer, in establishing early on, the opportunity space that led to the IntelInside Initiative and most recently was working with his colleagues on the Sensory Based Commerce Game Changer.

Dave has been working on the IT side of the energy sector from 1978. He has had numerous careers from the very technical end of programming and application design to architecting the client server environment for BP Alaska. From there he moved onto operational management and was Partner Relations Manager for many of the outsourcing efforts within the corporation. His last move was into corporate.

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