Oct 24-26, 2017 | Las Vegas

2016 University Pavilion

Del Mar College


 Del Mar College
 UAS Technology Education Consortium
Program Contact: Phillip Davis, Professor

This program represents the UASTEC.ORG project consortium. They are a three year grant project funded by the National Science Foundation to build UAV training and education curriculum.

Presenting in collaboration with:
Texas A&M



Indiana State University
 College of Technology Unmanned Systems
Program Contact: Sam Morgan, Director Unmanned Systems

ISU’s work includes formalizing their partnership with the Unmanned Center of Excellence, precision agriculture, UAS integration to controlled airspace, real estate business applications, military testing support, and sensor comparison.


 Penn State University
 Online Geospatial Education at Penn State
Program Contact: Karen Schuckman, Senior Lecturer

In collaboration with the Dutton e-Education Institute and the World Campus, Penn State’s Department of Geography (link is external) has offered instructor-led online education to over 5000 current and aspiring geospatial professionals since 1999. We offer over 30 courses covering Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geospatial Intelligence core competencies and cutting-edge applications. GEOG 892: Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems” introduces theory and methods for operating an unmanned aerial system for geospatial data acquisition and analysis.

Rutgers University Seal


 Rutgers University
 Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Program Contact: Javier Diez, Associate Professor

Aerial and Submersible Vehicle Capable of Flight and Underwater Navigation

Unmanned underwater and aerial vehicles (UUVs and AUVs) have become quite popular over the last decade with much focus on underwater gliders and flying multirotors. However, an area that has seen very little progress is that of a vehicle capable of flight and underwater navigation. We have built the first fully functional unmanned aerial and underwater vehicle platform that is capable of operating in both air and underwater with seamless transition between both mediums. These unique capabilities combined with the robustness, high maneuverability and reliability of multirotor vehicles, result in a disruptive technology for both civil and military application including air/water search and rescue, inspection, repairs and survey missions among others. 

Much of the innovation occurring in UAV/UAS is taking place at leading research and technical universities around the world.

Universities specializing in drone research are invited to exhibit in the University Pavilion at Commercial UAV Expo. Share your latest research, meet with industry professionals eager to learn of the newest innovations, and find potential collaborators.

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The Commercial UAV Event for:

Surveying & Mapping

Civil Infrastructure

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