2018 Vertical Industry Deep Dive Sessions

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These practical, one-of-a-kind sessions will provide the comprehensive instruction you’ve been asking for. You’ll learn about everything from platform selection to data integration, workflows, security and more- all focused on your particular industry. Expect to go away with actionable information you can implement immediately, increased knowledge and valuable connections.


Aerial data obtained on construction sites via UAS for digital elevation maps, point clouds and other uses for efficiency and safety is increasingly being leveraged for engineering analysis and predictive analytics. This session will examine the best approaches from capturing information and new tools to best practices for integrating, processing and disseminating the information, including deliverables and visualization. Scaling a UAV program and anticipating future developments will also be addressed.  >> LEARN MORE

DOTs & Infrastructure

UAVs deployed for roads, bridges and tunnels are realizing increased value, from fault detection to asset management. But what does it take to successfully integrate a UAV program into a government agency? In-depth content in this session will provide practical knowledge for developing policy and guidelines for UAV programs. >> LEARN MORE

Large Installation Assets: Wind Turbines, Cell Towers, Large-Scale Solar

This deep dive focuses on the use of drones from inspection and operation to maintenance of cell towers, wind turbines, solar farms and other large installations. Key issues to be tackled include appropriate sensor types and integration, safety compliance, automated systems, adjusting work processes, sharing data, progress in use of AI and autonomy, and options for future such as swarms and utilizing large structures for drone charging. >> LEARN MORE

Mining & Aggregates

This session addresses the unique challenges of terrestrial mapping and volumetric calculations above-and-below ground, from the appropriate sensors and platforms to compiling and analyzing the data. >> LEARN MORE

Precision Agriculture

Farmers don’t want more tools; they *do* want actionable information. The experts in this deep dive will fast track participants in the use of the newest technology, including drones, remote sensing and satellites. >> LEARN MORE

Process, Power & Utilities

This session will focus on the use of UAVs for applications that involve processing of fluids or gases: oil & gas, electricity, water, pharmaceuticals, chemicals. To be addressed: best practices for real-time monitoring and inspection; managing and sharing data; integrating UAVs into current systems and workflows; scaling a UAV program; and leveraging information for risk mitigation and operational optimization. >> LEARN MORE

Public Safety

Police, fire and government entities are constrained in the use of UAVs, not only by budget but also public perceptions and oversight. This session focuses on lessons learned and key factors for a successful UAV program, including mapping, reconstruction, mission overwatch, patrol uses, search and rescue, emergency management, interior tactical searching, health sciences, cyber-security, data science operations and other related topics. >> LEARN MORE

Surveying & Mapping

Clearly drones are ideal for topographic measurement, from movement monitoring, change detection, seepage detection, volumetric measurement and more. However, determining the right sensors and tools for managing the data is not always clear-cut. Lidar, photogrammetry, multispectral, processing/extracting the data, and the appropriate deliverables will all be covered. >> LEARN MORE

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Drone Delivery

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