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Seeing drones and software in action before you invest in a system provides much-needed insight into their capabilities. That’s why Commercial UAV Expo Americas, in cooperation with Sundance Media Group, offers you the opportunity to see and compare systems in real-world scenarios.

Leading vendors will demonstrate a range of drone applications. Not only will airframe and sensor capabilities be showcased, but a sophisticated AV set up will allow users to view resulting data sets and processing solutions for the full end-to-end view of the technology . Drone experts will be on-hand to narrate live scenarios and field questions from the audience.

The 2020 demonstrations will be announced in the Spring. Check out the demos that were held in 2019 below as well as crowd reaction to seeing these sophisticated systems first hand.

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“Hands-on experience and being able to go physically see the operations in real time, in situ, is fantastic. And it’s critical, because you can really visualize how you can take and apply this technology into your real-world operations.”

Christopher Wacinski, CEO, FevaTech

“It’s exactly what I came here to see, because there are so many components…I think this just saved me years of time. I’m really glad to be here.”

Joe Koch, CEO & President, Midwest Solar Utilities Network

Participating Vendors

AeroVironment’s Quantix VTOL Drone & AV DSS
AeroVironment (AV) conducted an agriculture field survey demonstration using its integrated Drone and Data Analytics Ecosystem – Quantix Hybrid Drone and AV DSS Analytics Software System. Additionally, AV showcased the complete workflow from the mission planning, data collection and processing to transforming the data into actionable field intelligence enabling growers and service providers to monitor crop health, optimize input costs and make more confident decisions – easier.

Autel Robotics Demonstration
Combining the performance of both VTOL and Quadcopter designs, Autel Robotics demonstrated their latest UAS technology in real-world scenarios. A presentation with multiple aircraft in the air at the same time to create a full spectrum approach to finding solutions to today and tomorrow’s problems. Data and the live view from the aircraft was displayed through their Live Deck technology through ground monitors, allowing you to experience the entire demonstration from multiple perspectives in real-time.

Increasing the Capabilities of your Drone Fleet with the MagArrow Magnetometer

Geometrics Inc will be presenting a demonstration of the MagArrow sUAS-Enabled Magnetomer. The light weight of the MagArrows (less than 2.5 lbs) allows deployment of the sensor on a wide range of platforms.

Magnetics surveys using the MagArrow will provide new income generating opportunities for detection and mapping of subsurface infrastructure (pipelines/cables, abandoned wells and more) that are not visible by line of sight methods Other applications of the MagArrow include mineral exploration and unexploded ordnance detection.

Learn how easy it is to add to the capabilities you can provide your clients by attending this demonstration!

High Precision / High Resolution One Touch Aerial Mapping
Leica Geosystems Inc. presented their fully integrated and streamlined high resolution and high accuracy Aibot AX20 UAS Photogrammetry system. For operators that need aerial photogrammetry that is of the highest quality, the AX20 delivers the performance in a easy to use workflow designed specifically for geospatial professionals. The AX20 is also the ONLY system that is fully integrated with our full suite of terrestrial measuring solutions including RTK systems and High Definition Laser Scanners.

LIDARUSA Delivers Safety and SLAM for a UAV
The demonstration will be in two parts.
1. Drone Rescue Systems will demonstrate how the parachute effectively works with a drone flying, killing, power, and safely landing. The parachute will be repackaged as well.
2. The Hovermap SLAM with Autonomy solution will be flown demonstrating SLAM and avoidance all-in-one from a drone.

Thermal and multispectral remote sensing are taking the drone industry by storm with the help of large scale distribution and integration.

FLIR, MicaSense, and DroneNerds teamed up to demonstrate best-in-class technology using thermal imagers (FLIR) and precision agriculture technology using MicaSense sensors. DroneNerds is a leader in the industry offering the most comprehensive customized and off-the-shelf solutions aimed to maximize the value of drone programs.

FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. Bringing innovative sensing solutions into daily life through thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems.

Micasense’s advanced remote sensing and high precision UAV technology, demonstrated for agriculture and surveying applications, excel in the industry. Presenting its multispectral imaging technology, MicaSense sensors are used to monitor crops and gain insights over time.

Drone Nerds’ expertise and knowledge of hardware platforms, sensors, software solutions and integration options, provides custom kitting where updated firmware, flight test and assembling of a full solution, ready-to-fly kit is offered.


Sundance Media Group presented two additional outdoor flying demonstrations:


Tuesday, October 29 | 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM | Free

FoxFury, Sundance Media Group, Pix4D, and public safety personnel have created a demonstration workflow for aerial capture of virtually any type of night forensic scene.  This team set up a mock crime scene investigation, by creating a forensic scene in the parking lot at Charleston and Grand Central, a 10 min trip from the Westgate.

The purpose of this FREE demonstration was to showcase how drones (UAVs / sUAS) are used to capture forensic evidence at the scene, in the dark, and use the data captured to create a map in 2D and 3D for law enforcement use.

FoxFury CRI Lighting Solutions were used to illuminate the surrounding area to aid with photo and video capture of the crime scene.  The SMG team will pilot an Autel Evo and a Yuneec H520 to capture color-correct aerial images to be processed in Pix4Dmapper LIVE onsite into a 2D map.  The SMG team will share how the placement and level of lighting are key components to the workflow as well as using Ground Control Points, from Hoodman, to assist in accuracy for the post-production process in Pix4D.

This workflow is relevant for virtually any type of night scene capture. 

With special thanks to the LVMPD for their continued support of our #NightCSI demonstrations.


Presented by Sundance Media Group 
Wednesday, October 30 | 1:30 PM – 9:30 PM | $495 

Sundance Media Group (SMG) will offer practical Night UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, otherwise known as drone) flight training course to equip UAV pilots with the knowledge, skills and confidence to pilot your UAV at night safely, efficiently and effectively.

Greater than 70 percent of our flying information comes through the eye and the eye is easily fooled at night. This is compounded by the inexperienced pilot alternating views between a tabled/lighted display and the position of the UAV in the sky. Night flying has a higher accident rate than identical day flying, both in UAV and manned aviation. Why? Depth perception is severely distorted, as is reaction time. There are also visual illusions that need to be recognized and mitigated. This session will provide information that will allow pilots to sidestep these challenges, while properly assessing and managing the risks associated with night flight (as waived per Part 107.29). You’ll also learn the foundation of applying for a COW/COA for night flight from an experienced night-flight pilot.

Register for this training when you register for Commercial UAV Expo.


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