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Greg Agvent

Senior Director
Senior Director, CNN

Greg Agvent

Senior Director, CNN


Greg Agvent is the Senior Director of the CNN Aerial Imagery & Reporting unit, CNN Air.  Agvent has led CNN’s unmanned aerial systems (UAS) program since CNN initiated its efforts in 2013. As a partner in both the FAA’s Pathfinder program and the subsequent Integrated Pilot Program partnership. Agvent led CNN’s successful research effort towards safe operations of UAS over people.

He has overseen the development of all facets of CNN’s aerial operations, including training, safety management systems, operations, risk management and expansion. CNN Air currently has 55 trained, licensed and equipped pilots operating in the U.S.  Agvent is a member of the Federal Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) and of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). He serves on the Advisory Boards of the Commercial UAV Expo and DroneResponders.

Prior to the launch of CNN Air, Agvent served as the Director of News Technology, providing the strategic vision bridging the editorial and technical worlds, with a focus on applied technologies; multi-platform production systems, newsgathering technologies, information management systems and other nascent technologies.

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