Commercial UAV Expo Europe  

September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Advisory Board

Jennifer Pidgen

As owner of Sundance Media Group and Founder of The LiDAR PROs, Jennifer Pidgen has deep roots in the Uncrewed Aviation industry. Her efforts in developing training for large and small public safety agencies, alphabet federal agencies, and Departments of Transportation across the nation isn’t all she’s involved with. Her marketing work for many UAS manufacturers and software developers has enabled her to meet and interact with virtually every aspect of the UAS ecosystem whether it be providing LiDAR/photogrammetry services to training major corporations, to building and developing a UAS distribution business importing Maptek Robotics UAs.  Jennifer’s primary focus is to create relationships, build the industry, while growing her knowledge and opportunities within the UAS profession.

Bearing a double degree in finance and accounting, Jennifer’s diverse background in science, math, and marketing are a remarkable combination within the UA industry as her education, experience, entrepreneurship, and passions are put to good work. Jennifer sits on several UAS-related boards and participates in organizations as diverse as Women In Drones, National Association of Women in Construction, and others. Having co-authored two books on UAS operations (The Pilot’s Guide to Night Flight and The UAS Pilot’s Guide to Real Estate), she has also co-authored multiple ALC presentations found in the FAAST programs on the program.

Ultimately, her expertise is inspiring conversation and cultivating mutually-beneficial partnerships; each with a focus towards building a successful and safe UA community. She is a creator of opportunities within the industry.

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