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September 5-7, 2023  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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What’s possible now? What’s coming next? Gain valuable insights and critical information from experts in the know.

Drones have been talked about as a billion-dollar technology of the future but the technology is creating value today when it comes to performing countless tasks in faster, cheaper and safer ways. How are these efficiencies being measured? What does it mean to quantify this value as part of the bottom-line? Why does it make sense to move forward with adoption right now? Answers to these questions and many more will define the 2022 Commercial UAV Expo Conference Program.

Here’s a preview of the insights that are set to take the event to the next level this year:

A single rule that can extend commercial operations over populated areas and controlled airspace beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) of a drone operator is a prime focus for the FAA. Where are we at, and where are we going with this endeavor? The Commercial UAV Expo is set to explore in detail what’s in store for FAA regulation in 2022 and beyond.

This eternal question is one that organizations of all types and sizes are challenged to sort through. What are some of the considerations and risk-management factors inherent in choices when it comes to in-house drone programs, outsourcing these services, or using a hybrid approach? These insights will be detailed in various tracks and sessions.

Drone deliveries around the world have changed lives in a big way. Store-to-door drone deliveries are a reality today, thought limited some respects. What does this value actually look like? Do the numbers associated with last-mile drone delivery work? These insights will be explored across our Drone Delivery track.

The desire to launch passenger drone, aka drone taxi, services is well established, but the challenges with doing so come down to technology, regulation and perception. Is the technology to truly enable these drone taxi services here? Our AAM/UAM track explores these questions and provide definitive answers.

Commercial UAV Expo pulls together the best and brightest from across the drone industry. How have these visionaries changed the way drone technology is being utilized? What opportunities do they believe are right in front of the industry as a whole? What sectors and applications do they believe hold the most promise for growth? What’s at stake when organizations hold off on adoption? Drone Visionaries sessions will answer all of these questions.

There are numerous drone products and solutions that can be used on the construction site but what are the advantages that some of these provide over others? Are some solutions better at measuring construction progress to timelines and financials while others make the sharing of real-time information with contractors simpler? Our Construction track will answer these questions and many more.

Drones have been positioned as just another tool in the toolkit for energy and utility inspections but effectively using them often comes down to performing a task in a faster or cheaper or safer way. How are stakeholders defining these specifics? Our Energy & Utilities track will define these specifics in a way that is relevant to organizations of all sizes.

The phrase, “it’s not the drone, it’s the data” has become especially popular over the past few years but what kind of options do surveyors really have? How should they consider cost and complexity details when deciding which sensor to utilize? Our Surveying & Mapping track will provide insights around what it means to choose appropriate sensors and appropriate airframes and much more.

The associated costs and dangers of most traditional bridge and infrastructure inspections are well understood. How can drones reduce those costs and eliminate those dangers? Our Infrastructure & Transportation session will detail what it means to choose the right tools for fault detection, erosion, asset management and much more.

To counter the threat drones can represent, many organizations are attempting to tailor counter-drone solutions to fit specific security needs. What are some of the logistics associated with their approach? Which companies can support it, and what are the legal limitations with that kind of system? Our Security track will fully explore to options, opportunities associated with security and counter-drone innovations.

Nutrient management and water drainage are two key areas where drones can make an impact on the farm and sensors are able to gather and display data that can impact decisions instantaneously. However, data isn’t enough. How can growers best utilize this data? Our Precision Agriculture track will detail insights around how various farmers are doing exactly that.

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