1-3 December 2020 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brooke Tapsall Copy


Brooke Tapsall Copy



Ms Tapsall has been a professional in the spatial science industry for 18 years, working around the world before establishing companies and initiatives which provide valuable services to the Drone Industry, specialising on Drone Security and Intelligence. Ms Tapsall is the founder and CEO of DroneALERT – a global drone incident reporting and management system and CEO of AGICS – a drone service and consultancy provider. She is also a qualified drone operator training for qualifications in Netherlands and the UK.

DroneALERT™ www.drone-detectives.com #DroneDETECTIVES @Drone_ALERT
A global drone incident reporting management system that contributes to Counter UAV operations by filling evidence gaps, which occur during drone incident investigations DroneALERT is patented.

AGICS has been active since 2011 and now has offices in Australia and Estonia. The company provides services and consultancy to clients around the world. (www.atlasgics.com) @AtlasGICS

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