18-20 January 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Gemma Alcock

Founder and CEO

Gemma Alcock

Founder and CEO, SkyBound Rescuer


Gemma Alcock, Founder and CEO of SkyBound Rescuer, is an award-winning innovator and respected thought-leader in the use of drones for emergency response and public safety. Gemma recently became the 2nd ever recipient of the esteemed Public Safety Drone Leadership Award from DRONERESPONDERS for her exceptional leadership advancing the implementation of public safety drone programmes.

Gemma has led several cutting-edge drone research projects for public safety; her research into drones for maritime SAR greatly informed the Future SAR Innovation programme at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, her Drone Procedure Optimisation Study improved the overall accuracy of Essex Police’s drone procedures by 31% whilst saving 14 hours per annum, and Gemma is currently enabling a UK-based Emergency Drone Network that aims to task a drone to an emergency within 5 minutes of request   –  to name but a few examples.

Gemma is also the Director of Air Operations for Lowland Rescue – a UK charity that searches for missing people on behalf of police forces. Gemma leads the Air Operations Department, ensuring that all 34 SAR teams can work effectively, safely and legally with drones.

Through Gemma’s tireless focus and commitment to the advancement in the use of drones for public safety, she is truly committed to and passionate about creating a future in which drones will routinely be a tool for saving lives.

The Commercial UAV Expo Europe brings together the technology, the end users, and the regulators that will keep you ahead of the exciting changes developing throughout each major vertical within the European drone market. I always leave this event feeling inspired and with a bigger and better network than before. It’s an event you can’t afford to miss!”

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