18-20 January 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jonas Stjernberg

Senior Vice President

Jonas Stjernberg

Senior Vice President, Robots Expert


Jonas is Partner and SVP at Robots Expert (REX), a leading drone expert company, helping organisations create value from and establish safe drone-enabled applications.

Jonas has a long background in technology, in strategy development and in operations management in senior positions bridging the gap between people and technology. At REX, he is heavily involved in demonstrating and shaping U-space – automated drone traffic management systems, in enabling Urban Air Mobility, as well as in the use of 5G networks for drone applications. Apart from his work at Robots Expert, Jonas is the CEO of BVdrone Oy, a drone operator focused on long-range, long-endurance remote sensing and environmental monitoring missions and the Chairman of RPAS Finland Ry, the industry association for professional UAV stakeholders in Finland.

Jonas holds an MSc in Physics and an MBA and pilots both manned and model gliders.

The drone ecosystem is quickly maturing and industry verticals get ever more specialised. It will be a privilege to discuss the state-of-the-art of the industry and share our latest insights hopefully in person in Amsterdam in December 2021.”


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Drone Delivery

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