1-3 December 2020 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jonas Stjernberg

Senior Vice President

Jonas Stjernberg

Senior Vice President, Robots Expert


REX is a European consultancy focused on drones, on Urban Air Mobility and on digitalizing aviation. Jonas has a long background as a senior change management and strategy professional bridging the gap between people and technology. Jonas is the Chairman of RPAS Finland ry, the industry association for professional UAV stakeholders in Finland as well as the CEO of BVdrone Oy, a drone operator focused on demanding remote sensing and environmental monitoring drone operations.

Jonas is one of the core drivers behind GOF U-space, an EU-supported Estonian-Finnish Very Large drone Demonstration project on the next step in integrated aviation. Jonas is also involved in 5G!Drones a H2020 project focused on developing metrics and guidelines for the use of 5G networks in drone use cases. Robots Expert is the EIP-SCC Urban Air Mobility ambassador in Finland, and the company has authored a comprehensive Droneguide for Cities (in Finnish).”



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Drone Delivery

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