10-12 April 2018 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018 Conference Program

PreConference sessions

Product Previews

Brief vendor presentations on latest product launches and innovations. A full schedule of companies and presentation times will be posted soon. Check back for details.

14:00 – 18:00

Networking cocktail

Welcome Happy Hour

Network with drone professionals from throughout Europe and beyond during our Welcome Happy Hour.  Enjoy a glass of wine or beer while you explore the latest UAS solutions from the world’s top vendors.

18:00 – 19:00

Wednesday, 11 April

10:00 Exhibition Open (Closes at 17:30)

Opening Session & Keynotes

Day 1
11 Apr 2018

Welcome Address

Lisa Murray, Director, will welcome the crowd to the 2018 Commercial UAV Expo Europe.
Lisa Murray

The Future of Aerial Data: Leveraging Data from the Sky

Drones as part of a broader ecosystem of tools such as satellites and high altitude aircraft will change the way the world leverages data from the sky. Jesse will share...
Jesse Kallman

Securing the Digital Transformation: The Layer-Cake of Drone Data Protection

Kay shares insights on not only the current state of the commercial UAV market, but also the anticipated impact and timeline for newest initiatives such as personal air vehicles. But...
Kay Wackwitz

Drones in the Connected Ecosystem: The Coming Transformation

Enterprise applications have transformed drones from a standalone device to a part of a connected ecosystem. The effects of the network are a natural force driving towards standardisation. Lorenz will...
Lorenz Meier

10:45-11:15 Coffee break – exhibit HALL

Newest technologies on the horizon for Commercial UAvs

Day 1
11 Apr 2018

Newest Technologies on the Horizon for Commercial UAVs

Everyone talks about AI, but we’re not there yet. These experts will candidly address realities of moving from machine learning/computer vision to true autonomy, the challenges and developments in sense-and-avoid...
Christoph Strecha
Baptiste Tripard
Chris Blackford
Christian Janke

12:30-14:00 Lunch – exhibit HALL (available for purchase)

regulatory update & developments in utm & u-space

Day 1
11 Apr 2018

Regulatory Update & Developments in UTM and U-Space

Designed to concisely convey just the information you need as a commercial UAV operator, the Plenary will provide an update on pan-European regulations and next steps, and give a snapshot...
Sebastian Barbiarz
Marc Kegelaers

safety and risk management for Commercial UAVs

Day 1
11 Apr 2018

Safety and Risk Management for Commercial UAVs

While the case increasingly supports the tremendous benefits of commercial UAVs, are you taking the right steps to make sure you’re protected? From a large enterprise point-of-view, this Plenary will...
Ulrich Hoffmann
Steve Flynn
Eden Attias
Oliver Heinrich

15:45-16:15 Coffee break – exhibit HALL

Pan-European funding opportunities for commercial uav technologies (SESAR and horizon 2020)

Day 1
11 Apr 2018

Pan-European Funding Opportunities for Commercial UAV Technologies (SESAR and Horizon 2020)

The EU is investing in new ideas and businesses supporting commercial UAVs…are you taking advantage of the opportunities? Learn from program administrators and from the project success being realized at...
Marco Balsi

drone hero competition

Drone Hero Europe 2018

Visionaries from across Europe will be competing for support developing their drone innovations and the title of Drone Hero Europe 2018!

17:00 – 18:00

Networking cocktail – Strandzuid Amsterdam

Networking Reception at the Boathouse

Take a ten minute stroll to the The Boathouse for an offsite networking event. Enjoy beer, wine and light fare in a lovely canal-side setting while mingling with fellow members of Europe’s commercial drone elite.

18:00 – 20:00

Thursday, 12 April

10:00 Exhibition Open (Closes at 16:00)

Electric utilities – Maintenance & Inspection

The Energy Cloud: The Evolution of the Grid and the Use of Drones and AI

This session will provide the attendees with practical insights and first-hand experiences of how electric utilities are integrating UAVs and robotics to make the smart grid smarter and reduce personnel/environmental risk, facility downtime and overall maintenance & inspection costs.

Invited speakers from:

9:00 – 10:30

smart cities – Telco-IoT & urban air mobility

Planning for Smart Cities (Telco—IoT– Urban Air Mobility)

The integration of Telco with IoT all the way to Urban Air Mobility will happen…it’s just a matter of when. Are you planning properly for what’s ahead? Session participants will share how all these pieces fit; make sure you’re on the right side of the coming disruption.

Confirmed speakers:
Ralph Schepp – Deutsche Telekom AG (Germany)
Jacques Kruse Brandao – NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)
Vassilis Agouridas – Airbus (France)

9:00 – 10:30

10:30-11:00 Coffee break – exhibit HALL

Civil engineering & Infrastructure

The value of UAVs for inspecting & ongoing monitoring of critical infrastructure has been proven. Now the bigger issue is leveraging the data properly, including best methods of integrating the data from disparate tools, thoughtfully applying the newly-emerging AI methods available, and making decisions utilizing predictive analytics from the wealth of data available. These issues are the focus of this session.

Confirmed presentations include:
Henri Garih – Scalian Innovation L@b (France)

Invited speakers from:

11:00 – 12:30

Surveying & MApping

Day 1
12 Apr 2018

SD Point Cloud Processing for Highway Truck Center Site Analysis

Recent UAV and software technology improvements have seen the cost of 3D point cloud data generation decrease dramatically. As a consequence, this data is increasingly being used as the raw...
Michael Frings
Patrick Cunningham

Utilizing Drone Imagery and Machine Learning for Forestry Damage

During the wake of Hurricane Irma in the United States, Daniel Scheiner utilized drone imagery and machine learning to determine damage in pecan tress for a 3,000 acre pecan farm....
Daniel Scheiner

Comparing the workflow and point clouds of TLS and UAV technologies

One current debate in the field of remote sensing concerns the question of whether photogrammetry- or LIDAR-derived point clouds are superior, in terms of the efficiency of their creation, and...
Ana Jesenicnik

12:30-14:00 Lunch – exhibit HALL (available for purchase)

construction & Aggregates

This session will touch briefly on when *not* to use UAVs and some challenging applications including bridges, stacks, turbines. Then we’ll get right into the applications of the data, from latest in machine learning (and what it cannot yet do) to processing & visualization and making intelligent decisions from the information.

Confirmed presentations include:
Jesper Falk – COWI (Denmark)

Invited speakers from:
Aggregate Industries (UK)
Jacobs Engineering (UK)

14:00 – 15:30

Precision agriculture

Day 1
12 Apr 2018

Turning Data into Knowledge for Management Decisions for Farmers and Growers

More accurate and precise farming practices can be developed based on determining instantaneous crop needs by using remote sensing (RS) technology for turning data into valuable knowledge for farmers and...
Sergio Moreno Rojas

From UAV Data Collection to Time Series Processing: Automated Crop Monitoring

Analyzing airborne imagery from UAVs offers an efficient and cost-effective way to aid in the assessment of field health and the estimation of crop yields, particularly when it comes to...
Thomas Bahr

15:30-16:00 Coffee break – exhibit HALL

Oil & gas industry (maintenance, surveying & inspection)

Reducing Costs, Optimising Operations and Minimizing Risks Through Smart Use of Drones & AI

This session will provide insights in how the oil & gas industry can leverage drone technology and AI to make intelligent use of UAVs for planning & forecasting, to eliminate costly risks in drilling, in well reservoir facility management, predictive maintenance and surveying & inspections.

Invited speakers from:
Oil and Gas Technology Centre
GRTgaz (France)

16:00 – 17:30

Security, LAw Enforcement, emergency response & SAR

Along with use of tools and technology for security and emergency management is the essential need for having the data needed to make the right decisions, quickly. The ability for rapid deployment of UAVs for this purpose is compelling. The session will address best tools not only for information gathering, but as importantly for making best use of the data including predictive analytics.

Confirmed presentations include:
Arnd Schöter – Nightingale Security (USA)

Invited speakers from:
Twente Fire (Netherlands)
European Border Coast Guard Agency (Poland/EU)

16:00 – 17:30

The Commercial UAV Event for:

Surveying & Mapping

Civil Infrastructure

Mining & Aggregates


Process, Power & Utilities

Law Enforcement, Emergency Response & Search and Rescue

Precision Agriculture


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