1-3 December 2020 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AgroScout LTD

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AgroScout LTD

AgroScout’s globally accessible, cloud-based, AI software solution combines multiple data sources and images from commercial low-cost drones that cover the entire field and delivers customers immediate and reliable field information.
This proprietary technology uses a scouting method to collect relevant information in the field, integrates external data, together with deep learning and computer vision to accurately and autonomously detect, identify, and monitor diseases, pests, and other agronomic problems in the field from the first acre.
This data is uploaded to the cloud and analyzed by AgroScouts’ deep learning algorithms tosend farmers actionable insights to their computer or mobile device notifying them of disease location and crop status, with recommendations for treatment.

The Commercial UAV Event for:



Energy & Utilities

Forestry & Agriculture

Infrastructure & Transportation

Public Safety & Emergency Services


Surveying & Mapping



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