1-3 December 2020 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beijing Shining Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Shining Technologies Co., Ltd.

The Shining autopilot is a reliable and robust system that is ideal for a wide range of fix-wing aerial platform, VTOL fix-wing aerial platform, helicopter platform and multicopter platform. It takes the advantage of multi-sensor fusion algorithms and reliable hardware design to maintain high stability. With all essential components integrated into the Shining autopilot, the system is powerful and highly compact.

Shining autopilot is capable for various flight requirements from smooth aerial photography to autonomous complex missions which can be programmed through Shining ground station software. Shining ground station software is used to setup the vehicle’s parameters, monitor the vehicle’s online state, analyze flight data logs and perform powerful mission planning activities. The entire package is designed to be safe, friendly for custom applications, and is increasingly easy to be used even for the novice.

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Energy & Utilities

Forestry & Agriculture

Infrastructure & Transportation

Public Safety & Emergency Services


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