1-3 December 2020 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Unifly NV

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Unifly NV

Drones are set to become a part of our daily lives. When a drone is observed, it is important to understand the pilot’s intentions, where it took off and who is controlling it. This is why Unifly has introduced a U-space drone tracking and e-Identification product: the Unifly BLIP. BLIP is tailored to the specific needs of UTM service providers and local authorities.

Unifly is world leader in Unmanned Traffic Management. Our platform connects official entities with operators to safely integrate drones into the air space. Authorities can visualize and manage drone flights and declare no-fly zones. Drone operators can plan, track and validate their drones and their flights in line with applicable regulation.

Unifly supports SWIM standards to communicate with operators and drones through real-time messaging, using reliable data from worldwide sources for global data coverage. Hyper local accurate aeronautical navigation data provides reliable and trustworthy data for your location.

The Commercial UAV Event for:



Energy & Utilities

Forestry & Agriculture

Infrastructure & Transportation

Public Safety & Emergency Services


Surveying & Mapping



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