1-3 December 2020 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Valo Industries

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Valo Industries

VALO INDUSTRIES provides autonomous systems for applications in Monitoring, Inspection, GIS and Logistics. The core of VALO INDUSTRIES business is the wireless docking station that enables drone to charge its battery remotely, without any human help.
Due to high compatibility, any VTOL-type drone equipped with VALO plug-in adapter can use VALO wireless charger to recharge its battery during the mission on demand. At the same time, low cost of this solution allows our customers to create a network of wireless chargers and rapidly scale up their services. This means that fleet of drones can work autonomously 24/7 everywhere, being controlled remotely. Additionally, the modular system of VALO hardware greatly simplifies charger maintenance. Thus, no specialized technical staff is required to serve the docking stations.
Currently we offer our products and services in Europe (Poland), Asia (Japan) and North America (USA) continuously supporting our customers all around the world.

The Commercial UAV Event for:



Energy & Utilities

Forestry & Agriculture

Infrastructure & Transportation

Public Safety & Emergency Services


Surveying & Mapping



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