30-31 March 2022  |  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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The latest ideas, observations, and predictions from a wide variety of industry experts: innovators, regulators, end-users and more.  What trends and technologies do they see coming?  What new challenges and opportunities lie ahead?  How can you and your company prepare, anticipate, and benefit in a rapidly evolving environment?

After so much time apart, the European drone industry is eagerly anticipating gathering for Amsterdam Drone Week to share knowledge on current air solutions, potential innovations, and vital regulations. Anyone involved with commercial drones will want to attend the ADW Industry Sessions powered by Commercial UAV Expo for the latest insight and information from industry leaders. Taking place Wednesday 30 March and Thursday 31 March, the ADW Industry Sessions will also be available online as part of the ADW Hybrid event this year. These sessions include:

Wednesday 30 March 2022


The EU needs to ensure the safe and efficient development of a drone ecosystem. In its Sustainable and Smart Mobility strategy, the Commission announced its plan to adopt a Drone strategy 2.0 by the end of 2022 to develop drones into a sector for the smart and sustainable mobility of the future.
This initiative aims to enable drones to contribute, through digitalisation and automation, to a new offer of sustainable services and transport, while accounting for possible civil/military technological synergies.

Presenters include: Alain Siebert (SESAR Joint Undertaking), Jacek Woźnikowski (Socio-Economic Development and Cooperation), Joachim Lücking (European Commission), Munish Khurana (EUROCONTROL), Richard Parker (Altitude Angel), Vincent de Vroey (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe)


The commercial adoption of drones is growing quickly, and utilities are no exception. Stakeholders in the energy & utilities industry are increasingly utilizing drones to achieve significant cost savings, enhanced safety, reduced inspection time, save labor costs and reduce hazardous manhours. This session provides you with a wealth of knowledge on the latest project experiences and applications in the utility industry. Also, you will get interesting insights in the latest technologies and experiences in the field of BVLOS and the successful use of AI.

Presenters include: Antidio Viguria (Advanced Center of Aeorospace Technology (FADA-CATEC)), Kevin Geiger (Axpo Grid AG), Martin Björnvall (Vattenfall AB), Nils Engstad (eSmart Systems), Piotr Jerzemowski (PKN ORLEN), Sebastian Babiarz (Dronehub)


While airports, utilities, ports and other critical infrastructure companies and organisations are implementing drone surveying and inspection programmes globally, there is a growing need to protect these organisations from unwanted drone incursions. Increasing occurrences of security breaches by unidentified drones exposes vulnerabilities, resulting in raised awareness for the need of counter action. This session explores countermeasure challenges and solutions.

Presenters include: Brooke Tapsall (DroneALERT), Christopher Church (INTERPOL), Gokul Srinivasan (Robots.expert), Joshua Serrao (City of Amsterdam), Lars Huybrechts ((DG HOME), Unit D.2. Counter-Terrorism), Laurent Renou (Eurocontrol), Paul Hansen (EC JRC Transport and Border Security), Peter Holla (Amsterdam Police)


This session takes a look at various projects, including AiRMOUR, AURORA, and FF2020, and the march toward an integrated European UAM ecosystem.

Presenters include: Arthur Dallau (Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020)), Miguel Marti Vidal (CINEA, European Commission), Petri Mononen (VTT), Sandra Maria Monteiro de Melo (CEiiA), Silvio Semanjski (SEAL Aeronautica), Vassilis Agouridas (Co-Moderator / AIRBUS Urban Mobility / EU UAM Initiative (UIC2)/ ASD Europe)

Thursday 31 March 2022


Drones are now in worldwide use for inspection of ports, bridges and locks, monitoring of ship emissions, asset inspection and inspection of physical installations. Traditional inspection of remote assets are unsafe and tedious undertakings. UAS are proving to be a powerful tool for ensuring the safety of all sorts of infrastructure. This session will provide you with an overview of the opportunities, barriers and successful use cases with a key focus on the latest technologies and project results.

Presenters include: Bart van der Meer (Vopak), David Huet (Bureau Veritas), Dennis Jansen (Antea Group), Duco Boer (Falcker), Jarno de Jong (GEO INFRA), Tsjerk Kooistra (Dutch Drone Company)


Worldwide, drone technology has fundamentally opened up distinct opportunities for railway operators. Rail infrastructure and other elements of transportation are being inspected via UAVs to monitor railway infrastructures such as high-voltage electrical lines, tracks and switching points providing the opportunity to detect cracks and defects. Additionally, the integration of drones, advanced sensors, high-resolution cameras, artificial intelligence and machine learning have made seizing real-time information and smart data analysis a reality. Learn about the new opportunities for infrastructure and maintenance in the infrastructure and transportation sectors.

Presenters include: Ahmad Bakkar (Dutch Drone Delta), Ansgar Sickert (ACI Europe (Airports Council International)), Arnaud Guihard (Groupe ADP), Guilhem Villemin (Altametris, The Drone Subsidiary of SNCF Réseau (French Railway Network)), Jeroen van den Tweel (Prorail), Jonas Stjernberg (Robots.expert)


In many areas, drone use has become an essential part of precision farming operations already. By using drones, farmers can react faster to threats, get insights to take appropriate actions in real-time and make decisions that drive efficiency and sustainability. Agricultural drones provide growers, service providers, and ag researchers a fast and efficient way to scout their crops, identify stress, create treatment plans, track plant growth, and much more. Challenges and opportunities for drones in agriculture and forestry will be explored in this session.

Presenters include: Ciprian Iorga (Skyline Drones), Harm Bartholomeus (Wageningen University & Research), Jurgen Decloedt (VITO), Nanne Faber (Technology Enza Zaden), Igno Breukers (DB2 Vision)

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