Virtual Event | 1-3 December 2020

Construction Overview

10 Apr 2019
14:00 - 15:30

Construction Overview

Session Moderator: Kay Wackwicz, Drone Industry Insights

One of the most rapidly growing sectors for drone integration is construction. The construction industry has discovered the many ways in which drones can add value and the use of UAVs has been steadily increasing over the last few years by construction companies, architects and surveyors. Previously expensive, time consuming and high-risk tasks are now achieved more quickly and cost effectively with reduced risk using unmanned aircraft systems.

In the construction industry, drones provide easy access to large or difficult sites as well as complex or tall structures. They can gather aerial data, mapping information and images and create 2D and 3D maps used for land and building surveys, construction sites and building inspections. The data can then be used for visual material, project progress reports, site logistics, security surveillance and mapping data.

During this session, you will find out what the future of construction looks like due to the rise of smart solutions, automation and drone usage. Topics include:

Improvement in construction planning using drones for logistics, land surveys, thermal imaging, volumetric measurement and progress on job site
More efficiently track workflow, manage resources, reduce downtime and keep projects on schedule and within budget
Enhance safety by using drones to deliver views of elevated structural components and access views that are completely inaccessible by conventional means
Deliver real-time monitoring more easily and more affordably

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Drone Delivery

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