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Energy & Utilities Overview

10 Apr 2019
09:00 - 10:30

Energy & Utilities Overview

Session Moderator: Kevin O’Donovan, A bit of This & That…

Across the Energy Industry, end users are realizing time savings, better use of resources and worker safety benefits making the use of drones is a ‘no-brainer’.

Many utilities are finding cost savings by making use of UAVs for transmission or distribution lines periodic inspections. On the gas side, pipeline lead detection is now being done via drones mounted with thermal imaging sensors. In the oil industry, drones are replacing conventional inspection techniques which involved workers climbing rigs, pylons and cooling towers. As for renewable energy, drones are detecting specific solar panels that are malfunctioning far more quickly than field crew and UAVs eliminate much of the climbing associated with wind turbines inspection work. The time when drones are a facet of everyday operations for energy and utility companies is now!

Many energy companies are establishing their own drone operations in-house, as they look to use drones in the workplace just like any other technology available to them. The need to develop the required competence and skills internally is becoming a priority. Before investing in an in-house drone programme, a sound business case should be developed and the best technology for specific applications must be determined at a time when producers are constantly innovating, improving performance and adding new functions.

The volume of captured data is expanding at a rapid pace. Collecting, processing storing and securing this data is proving to be a challenge. Data security, privacy, and cybersecurity risks must be assessed and mitigated.

During this session, you will learn from first-hand utility industry colleagues’ experiences:

-How to deal with technology and operational challenges
-In-house VS outsourcing; what competencies should be developed in-house and what makes sense to outsource
-How to make sense of large volumes of data and integrate them into current workflows
-How to make use of UAVs in connection with AI, automation, and IoT resulting in increased efficiency
-Learn best practices from experts on how to deal with huge volumes of data while maintaining data security policies in an integrated workflow
-Learn how to address security concerns

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