7-9 December 2021 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Law Enforcement, Forensics, Public Safety & SAR Overview

10 Apr 2019
09:00 - 10:30

Law Enforcement, Forensics, Public Safety & SAR Overview

UAVs have proven themselves very capable in search and rescue missions and turn out to be very cost effective in time and lives saved over ordinary search teams. By responding faster, operating more efficiently and keeping emergency workers safer, drones are becoming the technology of choice for public safety and emergency response.

Early adopters have realized that this technology can not only be used during an incident — such as a fire or search-and-rescue operation — but it can also be used to gather pre-incident data and post-incident forensics. Drones mitigate risk in situations involving hazardous materials or environments including man-made and natural disasters allowing increased safety of public safety personnel. Drones are instantly deployable and can quickly capture data at accident scenes allowing faster clearing of roads and highways to traffic more quickly. Increased ability to quickly process data reduces processing time over traditional methods for forensic applications and more.

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