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Surveying & Mapping Overview

10 Apr 2019
11:00 - 12:30

Surveying & Mapping Overview

In a market where innovation and staying up to date with technology is necessary for survival, it is crucial to network with your industry colleagues and business partners to get updated about the latest technologies. Join this session to stay tuned to the latest innovations in surveying and mapping drones.

The use of UAS in surveying and mapping is rapidly expanding as precision measurement professional learn about the efficiencies and cost savings possible with the use of drones. But drones are not always the best data capture solution. Learn how and when drones should be your tool of choice and when to integrate UAS with other data capture technologies.

Drones can vastly reduce the time spent on projects by collecting accurate survey data in a shorter timeframe. Drones can increase safety eliminating the need for humans to physically access hard-to-reach areas and dangerous terrain. Drones have the potential to substantially increase ROI as a less expensive alternative to manned aerial survey. Instant deployment and pre-flight programming can make for faster data collection times while providing excellent positional accuracy and a safe operator experience.

This session will provide an overview of the latest technologies and advancements in drones and examine questions about when to use drones and to what benefit. Topics include:

Addressing how much data you really need
Using spatial data to create spatial knowledge
Selecting the best UAS solution for the job
Data fusion: integrating drone data with other data
Sharing data across the enterprise and integrating with existing workflows

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Drone Delivery

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