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The Drone: Toy or Professional Tool

10 Apr 2019
11:00 - 11:15

The Drone: Toy or Professional Tool

Today, everyone can buy a drone for a few Euros. The user can take pictures, videos and can operate certain automations for piloting. It is therefore thought that the use is commonplace and within the reach of all. At the limit, it is a toy for children!!
If you look a little closer and especially if you decide to take a profit from professional incomes, it appears that the toy suddenly takes another dimension: the need for a detailed analysis of the objectives becomes essential to choose adequate equipment and software. It is also necessary to develop the methodologies of image and positioning data processing according to the projects.
Based on an exiting personal experience, Jean-François ROSSIGNOL traces his course and draws attention to the essential points to ensure the success of a company offering the services of drone mapping. By not forgetting all the regulatory constraints: registration of the drone by the local aviation authorities, insurance coverage, authorization of flight, respect of privacy, …

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