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The Swiss Federal Railways are taking-off

10 Apr 2019
16:00 - 16:20

The Swiss Federal Railways are taking-off

The Swiss Federeal Railways (SBB) has one of the most heavily used railway networks in the world. 10,000 trains transport 1.18 million passengers and 210,000 tons of cargo over 3000 kilometers of railways each day. This great achievement is made possible thanks to safe and reliable infrastructure facilities such as rails, ballast, tunnels and bridges. The planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the infrastructures require considerable resources. In order to keep the condition of its network and installations at a standard which meets operational safety while keeping costs to a minimum, the SBB is willing to introduce new technologies in its operations. One particular interest for the SBB are UAVs as they have the potential to inspect at low cost and with great efficiency and quality the SBB infrastructures. SBB foresees the application of UAVs in numerous and various applications. During the presentation at Commercial UAV Expo Europe, the SBB Center of Competence Drones will be briefly introduced and concrete examples of SBB UAVs operations will be presented.

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