1-3 December 2020 | RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Transportation & Infrastructure Overview

10 Apr 2019
16:00 - 17:30

Transportation & Infrastructure Overview

Session Moderator: Flavien Viguier, Altimetris

Creating and maintaining transportation and civil infrastructure (roads, tunnels, highways, canals, bridges, harbors, airports) involves complex projects and myriad tasks that can often be made more efficient, effective and safer with drone technology.

UAVs equipped with high-resolution cameras and scanners allow for precise measurement of infrastructure assets and are increasingly used in various stages of construction, maintenance, repair and inspection. UAS can help optimize operations and maintenance, network monitoring and site inspection at every phase of the project including emergency or crisis monitoring.

Keeping an up-to-date database and performing periodic surveys of roads, bridges, tunnels and other civil infrastructure have traditionally been considered costly and time-consuming. With drone-mapping and an up-to-date, digital database of their assets, infrastructure asset managers can survey, inspect and manage assets more often, providing the basis for dynamic, strategic planning.

The use of drones clearly improves the infrastructure maintenance process and is a cheaper and often safer alternative to current monitoring techniques. At the same time, data collected by drones can be compared over time, allowing for measurements and forecasts of wear.

This Session will provide you with insights into how smart infrastructure asset management can be realized by the efficient use of UAVs and advanced technologies.

You will learn:

How to take infrastructure planning & inspection to the next level with drones
How to mitigate risk, save time and cut costs by using drones for infrastructure inspection in hard-to-reach locations
How to overcome current constraints
How to increase safety, reduce project time and increase ROI

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