Virtual Event | 1-3 December 2020

Jean-François ROSSIGNOL

Jean-François ROSSIGNOL

Director - TFC International (Pty) Ltd


Jean-François ROSSIGNOL  is agronomist engineer and graphic designer. He has an experience of more than 40 years in the field of cartography, 3d modeling and GIS, using aerial photographs. He is convinced that the future economic development in all countries of the world and especially in Africa will go through the creation of small enterprises. During his career, he has created and managed small businesses in Belgium, France, Canada and Mali and recently in the Seychelles. He has also carried out missions of technical and commercial expertise in around fifty countries around the world. He has also worked as a coach for young entrepreneurs to help them to create their projects by proposing concrete approaches based on his experience in marketing, management, business plans, cash and dashboard management, ….
Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he is particularly interested in all that concerns Africa. In 2015, he decided to leave Europe with his wife and settle in the Seychelles to develop a new business project to contribute to local economic development through the promotion of innovative technologies in 3D modeling and 3D printing as well as 3D mapping. Moreover, after the period of technological and methodological development, and after the conquest of the local market, the long-term project intends to use the Seychelles as a bridgehead to East Africa particularly in order to promote these new technologies.

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