18-20 January 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Michael Thoss

Michael Thoss

Founder - ethoss group


Michael actively joined the drone industry representing the German manufacturer Microdrones in 2011. He successfully developed, positioned and established the brand on the international commercial drone market. Michael founded his own company called “ethoss”, which, due to market conditions and a renewed focus changed to ethoss group (ETG) mid-2017. The company is regularly helping drone (and related) businesses, which look for advice in order to successfully implement unmanned technology within their organization and operations. ETG provides not only access, but also excellent relationships to the main and leading drone (and related) companies worldwide, which includes manufacturers of VTOL, fixed wings and others, payloads as well as holistic system integrators.
Since 2013, ETG has helped various drone start-ups to get into the global drone market, in particular the German company TeAx Technology, whom have developed to be one of the leading players on drone thermal imaging technology today. ETG and therefore Michael is actively involved in drone operations and projects around the world, for both, security and commercial applications.

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