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2020 Contributor Report – Celebrating one big year of open source

At the Dronecode Foundation, we are really excited to celebrate another terrific year of contributions to the open-source projects under our umbrella. Last year we received tremendous support from our community, with more than +300 unique contributors submitting more than +7,000 commits upstream. Our great community managed to exceed our expectations in remarkable ways and is keeping the projects on the edge of technology for the coming years.

More than +4,000 Pull Requests across all of the repositories in 2020.

We put together a report with the Technical Steering Committee and the project maintainers’ help, outlining the top metrics that demonstrate the tremendous pace we are keeping and surpassing year after year.

Between lines removed and added, more than 7 million lines of code changed in 2020.

This report is focused on measuring contributions in commits, the single and most basic unit in version control. We recognize contributions came in many ways last year, such as participation in Standard setting groups, and we will be producing a separate report to celebrate those contributions.

Developers forked our projects more than 13k times on GitHub

We want to thank the hundreds of developers who helped shape our projects over the last year, particularly the dozens of organizations that poured multiple and vast resources into our community.

The Dronecode Foundation wants to reaffirm its commitment to promoting innovation and driving for more open and accessible technology to support the Drone Industry at large.

This report was made possible thanks to the patronage of our members, who continue to support our mission.

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