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3DUserNet Offers Free Licenses for All to Support Remote Working

For the second time since the Co-Vid 19 outbreak, online 3D platform 3DUserNet is offering Free 3 Month Licenses to anyone looking for a highly effective way to continue working on their 3D projects remotely.

“ I was really pleased that hundreds of free licenses were taken up in the first wave. The level of engagement with users is great and it’s clear they are seeing the benefit of an easy to use, fast, cloud based platform, when trying to work from home” said Paul Snudden CEO

3DUserNet enables users to view, work on and share, all their 3D data and projects directly on-line, in one portal, on any device, anywhere. It accepts Point Clouds from any source, together with 3D Models and Line Work and has a simple to use, extensive range of features and SaaS tools to use on many design, measurement and monitoring tasks, with single format or integrated datasets.

“I think the big draw for users is not just the range of easy to use features, but also the extensive collaboration and sharing options that allow them to work in teams and with clients and stakeholders really effectively” Snudden adds, “ I hope we can benefit hundreds more companies and users worldwide by repeating this offer.”

To sign up for the offer and see a sample of who is using the free licenses go to


Product Details

View, work on and share online all Point Clouds, 3D models and Line Work

  • Easy upload of point clouds from any scanner hardware, or photogrammetry solution, 3D models and line work. No total size limits.
  • View online using a range of visualization and navigation options
  • Work directly online with your 3D data, point clouds and models using our comprehensive 3D project toolset,
  • Share and collaborate on your projects with a range of sharing options

Complete mobile online access to view and use your 3D information

You can stream, view, work on and share your 3D data projects via any up-to-date browser and on any mobile device across 3G, 4G, 5G and Broadband.

Comprehensive set of on-line 3D project tools

Create projects and work directly on-line with your 3D information with a range of easy to use tools for measurements, annotations and hyperlinks, model and point cloud on-line integration:

  • A complete measurement suite, point to point, areas, volumes, angles, and slope measurement
  • Line of sight tool
  • Measurable profile views
  • Annotations tool allows adding of rich content including inserting hyperlinks for media that can be accessed within your data
  • Integrate Models and Line work into your Point Cloud data

All work is created and saved in your project database in as many saved version and with as many layers of information you wish.

Sharing and collaboration with internal teams and external stakeholders made easy

The real power of your 3D data can now be realised with our focus on how you can share your data and projects, with a range of features:

  • The Project Group function allows your core team to access and work on the project and data at anytime, enabling much closer and immediate collaboration.
  • A ‘Viewer only’ licence allows others to view your projects using their own password access, but not to change them! They can view, navigate and take measurements, but not save any information. So wherever your team members are you can share and collaborate while looking at the same 3D information.
  • The Guest User feature gives time limited access to other stakeholders, who are probably outside your organization, but important to the overall project.

Licence options

We have a simple 3 user licence levels, you choose the blend of licences in your account to suit the needs of your project or company

  • The VIEWER licence allows you to give access and a bit of functionality to as many people in your organisation as you wish at really low cost.
  • The PROJECT licence gives you all the functionality we can offer and an excellent level of storage and download allowance.
  • The PRO version, is for the heavier user and gives you huge data allowances together with the full functionality package

Bespoke Platforms and Integration Projects

We are developing both bespoke versions of the platform to meet the needs of particular industries, and also integrating with existing customer portals to provide the platform with a single log-in for their own clients.

Payment Options

  1. Time length specific multi-licence contracts

For time specific projects with defined number of users or can only procure as a one off cost rather than monthly scheme, then we accommodate this,  but will be unable to refund any unused licences during the licence period term. You can of course purchase more fixed term contracts at anytime.

  1. Annual and monthly subscriptions

With the monthly subscription option it is easy to change your account make up at anytime – there is no long-term commitment.

Viewer licence at £35 per month per user,

Project Licence £90 per month per user

Pro licence at £185 per month per month per user

Annual licenses attract two months free.


Paul Snudden – Founder

[email protected]

07710 566081


Dave Mercel – Founder

[email protected]

07803 204124

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