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Accurate, High Resolution, Digital Mapping Products

Planimetric Feature Extraction

GEO Jobe GIS now offers planimetric feature extraction from UAV data capture. Thanks to the high resolution and incredible accuracy of our ortho-imagery, we are able to provide as much detail as the client requires. This product serves as a strong supplement to any type of land survey work (ALTA, boundary, site planning/construction, etc.), as well as impervious surface and drainage applications. Planimetrics can be added to any project as an additional service by selecting the option upon submission at

Thermal Mapping

We now offer thermal mapping from both multi-rotor and fixed wing platforms, affording us more flexibility to fly sites of various size and location. The multi-rotor drone is primarily utilized for inspections of smaller features, including buildings, towers, and small lots. For larger areas (50-1000+ acres), the fixed wing drone with integrated thermal sensor is better suited. Examples of large sites include college campuses, factories, and solar farms.

Multispectral Mapping

Multispectral sensors detect how light beyond the visible spectrum is reflected by features of interest. This type of data is used to determine vegetation health and is becoming an increasingly common practice in the agriculture industry. The products we derive from multispectral sensors can help identify areas of disease and pest infestation, inadequate soil moisture, or poor soil quality.

Dense 3D Point Clouds

Point Clouds can be imported into most CAD software packages to create new surfaces, allowing for feature extraction and creation, 3D vertical measurements, and volumetric calculations. Point clouds have proven to be very useful for construction monitoring throughout the life of a project. The clouds are a standard byproduct of the photogrammetric processing.

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