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Agrowing presents high-end affordable comprehensive agricultural REMOTE&CLOSE sensing solution for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Commercial UAV Expo, October 31st, 2016: Agrowing Ltd., a leading provider of high resolution low distortion multi-spectral cameras, announced today that Bitmapping has integrated Agrowing’s multi-spectral camera with its Mavis software.

Agrowing’s modified Sony QX1 multi-spectral is a high-end agricultural multi-spectral camera, which is designed based on Agrowing’s patent pending lens technology.

The camera is the only multi-spectral camera in the market, which allows both Remote and Close agricultural sensing.

Agrowing’s camera provides 8 Mega Pixels resolution per color channel (2200×3600 pixels), with less than 1% distortion. It has exchangeable NDVI and Red-Edge narrow bands lenses. The NDVI lens acquires 450nm 550nm 650nm and 850nm, and the Red-Edge lens acquires 450nm 550nm 710nm and 850nm. Agrowing’s lens technology includes unique innovative continuous digital calibration, based on a common color channel of its dual lenses design.
Agrowing’s software enables near real time on location analysis and identification of pests and diseases, through its smart and automatic points of interest detection and second round high resolution inspection. Such immediate analysis is possible due to the high quality and low distortion of the imagery, which does not require any per-analysis pro-processing.

Mavis is a UAV photogrammetry and mapping software covering the entire workflow from single UAV images to GIS ready maps. Mavis comprises precise georeferencing, on-site image analysis and stitching, image preprocessing, the generation of digital surface models and orthophotos, color post-processing, the computation of vegetation indices, as well as the generation HTML reports including WebGL 3D models.

“Agrowing’s camera output file format and extreme high quality enable smooth and fast on-site processing.” said Dr. Thorsten Behrens, CEO of Bitmapping GmbH, “The high resolution and top quality imagery lets Mavis shine. As we are not limited by the typical low resolution and distortion, we can provide orthophotos and models of uncompromised quality.”

Agrowing’s camera is based on a modified Sony ILCE QX1 camera. It weighs 335g (including battery and lens). Agrowing also developed a lightweight (40g) passive Nadir gimbal, which exploits the camera weight to keep its vertical position at all times, without consuming any battery power.

“Agrowing’s vision is to enable near real time and real time analysis and identification of stress types, diseases and pests, taking remote-sensing to the next level, while bringing the technology to service providers and farmers.” said Ira Dvir, Co-Founder and CEO of Agrowing. “We are very happy to present our customers with an affordable comprehensive solution, comprising of the best light multi-spectral camera for UAVs, integrated with a top of its class photogrammetry and mapping software. Combined with our tailor-fitted analyzing tools, the package will enable the market to move to the next generation of agricultural remote and close sensing standards.”

Agrowing offers its multi-spectral solution through Stampede Presentation Products ( It is also offered ready to fly, integrated with 3DR’s Solo, triggered over USB through the drone’s PixHawk2 autopilot by Mission Planner or Tower.

Agrowing will be exhibiting its solutions at the Commercial UAV Expo, Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2016, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, booth 408 with GRADD, partner of Analist Group, distributing Agrowing’s products in Italy, with its DJI’s Matrice 100 and 3DR’s Solo based solution.

Agrowing Ltd. is an Israeli world-leading provider of the highest quality and unique multi-spectral cameras.

Bitmapping GMBH. is a German company, specializing in photogrammetry and mapping software, covering the entire workflow from single UAV images to GIS ready maps.

Stampede Presentation Products is world renowned for providing industry-leading AV and IT system solutions for dealers in every major vertical market, Stampede Presentation Products Inc. is the oldest and largest provider of ProAV solutions.

GRADD is the supplier of ANALIST 2016, Land Survey Software. Analist 2016 creates Cross Sections and Profiles, Contour Lines and Orthomosaics. Analist 2016 CLOUD is the best tool for generating survey from flights with Drones. It superbly executes point clouds management, aerial imagery processing, survey data management, excavations, cut and fill, and much more.
Come see us at the Commercial UAV Expo, booth 408, MGM Hotel, Las Vegas.

Agrowing Ltd.
Booth: 408

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