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DEPHAN LLC Offers Breakthrough Technology

16, October 2019  –  Photodetection is an essential and integral component of any contemporary LiDAR application. Currently, there are two main instrumental solutions available, Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) and Silicon PhotoMultipliers (SiPM), each of which has its own drawbacks. APD’s disadvantage is its comparably low sensitivity and high level of noise. The construction of SiPMs is usually a trade-off between low cross-talk and wide dynamic range. However, this situation can be radically improved. Our creative idea is to search for an alternative approach, instead of simply improving SiPM or APD design, which is precisely what we have done. The design developed by the DEPHAN company is principally new. This original technology accomplishes our goals and gives essential response to both APD and SiPM problems.

Our original design ensures both excellent dynamic range and low crosstalk. The DEPHAN photomultiplier combines APD-like monolithic photosensitive area with a large number of small amplified channels like in SiPM, thus avoiding cross-talk and the need for trenches while simultaneously providing wide dynamic range, high sensitivity, and low noise. This combination of parameters ideally suits LiDAR applications by solving its three major problems, namely those of resolution, range and overexposure from daylight, all at scalability of CMOS-compatible technology.

Milestones and Portfolio

The development of analog photodetectors was launched at the Russian Quantum Center (RQC) in 2013. In 2014, the DEtector of PHotons ANalog (DEPHAN) project separated into its own corporate entity and the DEPHAN team started to develop production technology at the fab; as a result, in 2017 pilot samples were produced. The DEPHAN already has patent protection in several important countries. Today, DEPHAN is stably moving forward — samples are currently being tested at several international companies, and our portfolio of international partnership is permanently growing. We are looking forward to the start of commercial production, which is planned for the beginning of 2020.

Watch a short video introduction of DEPHAN business and technology here:

Evgeny Levin, DEPHAN’s Chief Application Engineer, demonstrates the capabilities of DEPHAN’s photodetector for LiDARs
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