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Drone “Hammerhead” – fundamentally new cargo solution for you

Airlogix – is a team of Ukrainian and American engineers who have developed the best solutions for new quality in aerial vehicle technology on middle range delivery – faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Our drone has almost unique technological characteristics which aim to give practical solutions to everyday business and public needs.

What is “Hammerhead”? – It is a machine that combines power and speed of a plane and high mobility of a helicopter with compactness and steering of a drone.

From 2020 we achieved the main goal – we created a new aircraft at an affordable price. We did that standing on key priorities:
Eco-friendly technology – because we understand the eco-responsibility of the industry;
Available price – this UAV is not for fun, but for practical use and should be available to the widest range of consumers.
Automated – a smart machine not only for today’s but for tomorrow’s needs because we used the latest drone control software with high potential for further upgrade.

Following these priorities allowed our team to create a UAV which can deliver cargo anywhere easily and cheaply and which embodies our main values: for people, for the planet, for peace.

Concept of the UAV is totally based on the fundamental market research of needs, existing solutions and technical capabilities. All technical solutions in “Hammerhead” aim to solve practical needs:
More cargo: our drone has 44 lb. load capacity which allows transport of anything medicine, food, water, emergency kit or document hardcopies, details and tools. Luggage volume (22 gal) allows it to deliver the widest range of objects.
More range: power of the electrical engine covers 62 mi range of flight with 62 mph speed.
Higher flexibility: the ability to take off and land vertically which allows it to be used in various conditions.
Less air emissions: the electrical engine of our UAV is powerful enough to support all mentioned indicators with zero emissions.

These technical parameters allow use of the UAV for delivering cargo:
During rescue missions, perform delivery in overcrowded cities or to remote places.
It will become indispensable for enterprise automation: our drones can transport needed objects between any destinations on land and at sea.
Improving healthcare logistics, drones will deliver aid even faster than an ambulance – flying the shortest route over traffic jams, intersections, off-road, water or mountains.

We believe that our project will impact all segments of the drone industry, and we can do it together. If you share our vision and principles, if you love the sky as we do – we invite you to wide cooperation. We start our flights in November, don’t miss your chance, let’s create future deliveries together.

To get in touch with us, please:
Write: [email protected]
Call: +1 (706) 637 34 15

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