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Enerparc, the EU’s largest PV asset owner, establishes partnership with Sitemark

11 Jun 2020
Leuven, Belgium – Enerparc AG, an independent power producer (IPP), has selected Sitemark as their partner of choice for its aerial data analytics services. Enerparc has been closely following the rapidly developing landscape for aerial inspections and platforms available for managing PV sites. Enerparc will use Sitemark’s “Fuse” platform to achieve its vision on streamlining and driving its asset management and digitalization strategy across its extensive portfolio.

According to Stefan Müller, COO of Enerparc – Insights from large scale thermal inspections helping us to increase plant performance and to make best use of our resources. Sitemark combines a good product with a high level of service. A reliable partner and close cooperation in the development of custom features is key for Enerparc’s special demands.

In 2020, over one GWp of Enerparc’s solar assets will be inspected by drones equipped with high resolution visual cameras and thermographic sensors. The majority of these drone inspections will be executed through Sitemark’s extensive drone pilot network. At the same time Sitemark will also be working together with Enerparc to help gradually build its in-house capabilities that will perform a significant amount of the drone inspections over the years to come.

The captured aerial data will be processed and analyzed using the market-leading platform, Sitemark Fuse. Powered by AI, Sitemark Fuse identifies and analyzes PV module anomalies at the cell, module and string level. All while offering state-of-art features that optimize maintenance work and ultimately, result in greater portfolio returns. Enerparc will also be taking advantage of Sitemark’s newly released inspection product, Sitemark “Essential”, a photo-based inspection solution that’s targeted towards larger PV sites and portfolios where data acquisition times are up to 4X faster.

The faster data acquisition improvement gives customers like Enerparc the ability to inspect large sites and extensive portfolios in a significantly shorter time.

According to Vishal Punamiya, CSO of Sitemark – Enerparc has been a pioneer and a thought leader on several fronts within the PV industry and for Sitemark to be selected as their partner of choice is a huge sign of endorsement and trust for the hard work and collaboration between our teams over the past 2 years.


To learn more about Sitemark, please contact:
Kim van der Heide, Product Marketing Specialist
[email protected]

To learn more about Enerparc, please contact:
Katharina Schmalz, Head of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

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