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The Future Of Drone Operations Lies In IoT Technology: Embention’s Veronte Autopilot includes Cloud Connectivity through Veronte Cloud Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality permitting the interconnection of physical devices for sharing feedback and establishing communication networks. This technology is widely expanding to common devices and will soon come into force in drone industry.

Main advantage of using M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT technology in drones is the capability to perform drone operations from any PC connected to the internet. In this way, UAV operators can control drones flying worldwide at the time it is possible to monitor drone swarm flights from the main control centre.

M2M multipoint network structures permits to have as many nodes in the network as required, including drones and control station. It permits to interconnect as many devices as needed, controlling and monitoring multiple UAVs from multiple control stations simultaneously.

Another benefit of M2M integration in drones is the capacity to operate interconnected drones as swarms. These systems flying simultaneously can share information for enabling advanced flight modes. Formation flights and collaborative sense and avoid integration becomes a reality with this interconnection.

UAV flight data monitoring is also a key element provided by the integration of IoT in Drones. Using this technology makes possible to keep an updated flight log record available online. This is a powerful tool not only for monitoring flights by operators but also for storing a flight record database that can be used for extracting system reliability data or for controlling company productivity.

IoT for Drones: It´s Already Here

Embention is one of the companies betting for the integration of IoT in drones. Veronte Autopilot includes cloud connectivity through Veronte Cloud services for the integration of Drones in the Internet network.

First it was satellite communications but now Veronte Autopilot moves a step forward with the internet connectivity. Veronte Cloud services enables the synchronization of drone flight data with the cloud server in real time during the flight. Internet connection on the control station PC or 4G communications modem installed in the drone provide Veronte Cloud connectivity for increased versatility in M2M operations.

Veronte Autopilot is one of the pioneers betting for this technology through the Veronte Cloud services. It defines the path for the integration of M2M philosophy in Drones pushed by the evolution of consumer technology.

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