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microdrones™ brings newly-released direct georeferencing solutions directly to customers

Las Vegas, Nevada, October 28, 2016:  microdrones™ recently announced it has released two mapping drone packages that integrate direct georeferencing (DG), a highly anticipated, cutting-edge technology that drastically reduces the amount of time spent on mapping projects. Used in the past exclusively on traditional aircraft, DG reduces or eliminates the need to install ground control points (GCPs), shortens flyover time, and decreases post-processing to a fraction of the time usually necessary. Even better: it accomplishes all of this while achieving the most accurate results currently possible.

“In general, professionals use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) because they save time on the job. But a UAV with direct georeferencing is a whole different ball game. The increase in efficiency is dramatic,”said Chuck Dorgan, microdrones Sales Director. “I am really excited to help surveyors, engineers, and other mapping professionals to get started with this technology.”


Table 1: The microdrones team compared their best-selling mdMapper1000 with the mdMapper1000DG. The second solution includes direct georeferencing equipment while the first does not. The difference in work efficiency is dramatic.

In addition to making DG technology available, microdrones is also making it easy-to-access. The company recently announced a distribution partnership with Trimble (TRMB). microdrones is now Trimble’s preferred provider of VTOL (quadcopter) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones)

Direct georeferencing is an approach that allows users to achieve the highest possible accuracy in a much shorter timeframe and without ground control points. microdrones makes direct georeferencing possible for their customers through the integration of the Applanix APX-15-L UAV. This compact, single-board module offers a survey-grade GNSS receiver and a precisely calibrated IMU for mapping.

”There are a number of ways that direct georeferencing makes work more efficient,” explained Mike Hogan, microdrones Business Development Director. “The most obvious is eliminating the need to set up GCPs. But even more profound is reduced side and front lap. This means the UAV can cover significantly more ground in less time and requires the collection of far less images. Post-processing can then be accomplished in a small slice of the time one would spend if they surveyed traditionally. It’s amazing, really.”


These two images are another dramatic comparison of a UAV using – and not using – direct georeferencing equipment. One might compare the impact of mdMapper1000DG’s reduced front and side lap on data collection to the deck width of a lawn mower. DG requires less image overlap, so it can cover more ground, more quickly.

The two direct georeferencing packages microdrones released are:

  • mdMapper1000DG: This package combines direct georeferencing with microdrones’ best-selling md4-1000 aircraft. Users enjoy the best flight times on the market (up to 45 minutes, depending on payload) and resilience against harsh environmental conditions, including wind, rain, humidity, extreme temperatures, high voltage, and strong magnetic fields.
  • mdMapper3000DG:  In addition to direct georeferencing equipment, this package contains a UAV that can handle a tremendous payload of up to 5 kilograms (11 pounds), making it perfect for heavy LIDAR sensors, professional mapping grade cameras, multiple sensors, and other weighty technologies.

“We’re especially excited about our newly released mdMapper3000DG,” remarked Hogan. “It’s our most advanced UAV and it provides such tremendous payload flexibility and power. Users are going to be really amazed at what it can do.”

To learn more about these solutions, visit or a Trimble location near you.

About microdrones

microdrones was founded in Germany in 2005, with the launch of groundbreaking unmanned aerial vehicles. As the pioneer of the professional quadcopter Industry, microdrones has developed solutions based on reliable VTOL drones, with a heritage of German engineering and quality.

By integrating the most capable and dependable platform with the right payloads and dedicated processing, microdrones has implemented professional solutions in Europe, Asia, and North America. A global leader in commercial UAVs, microdrones offers local sales, training, and services centers across three continents, to serve customers around the world.

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Marketing Director

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