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New Aerial Imaging Platform Further Digitizes the World

New Aerial Imaging Platform Further Digitizes the World

Phoenix LiDAR Systems launches Phoenix Vision360, turning ultra-high resolution aerial imagery into actionable data

Los Angeles, CA — March 22, 2019 — Phoenix LiDAR Systems, Inc., the global leader in the commercial UAV LiDAR systems vertical, is proud to announce the launch of its latest service offering, Phoenix Vision360, in partnership with camera motion control experts Black Forest Motion. Phoenix Vision360 is an ultra-high resolution, 360-degree, aerial imaging platform that features the latest 150-megapixel imaging technology from PhaseOne Industrial Solutions and allows for aerial visual inspection from heights not seen in the current marketplace.

The Phoenix Vision360 technology stack is comprised of two layers: the drone and imaging control technology; plus, the automated cloud-processing platform for converting imagery into actionable data. Practical applications range from utilities engineers monitoring how equipment is installed in near-real time to help mitigate risk by tracking progress closely and identifying safety hazards, to scholars requiring the highest level of detail possible for virtual tours and management of historical site or archeological digs through the use of ultra-high resolution recurring imagery.

“We’ve listened to customers spanning many industries and while some may be happy with low resolution pano’s from DJI prosumer drones, many are requiring next-level technology to help them maintain a competitive edge while running a cost-effective operation,” said Grayson Omans, CEO of Phoenix LiDAR.  “For example, we’ve had construction site managers request the ability to easily identify equipment asset ID numbers on the ground from safe distances, and Phoenix Vision360 allows them to do that from a drone 600 feet away.”

“Imagine putting binoculars on the standard aerial image capture tools you’re currently using,” added Patrick Ketterer, CEO and Co-Founder of Black Forest Motion. “then imagine the numerous management and safety applications that become available to you.”

The highly optimized imaging control technology allows Phoenix Vision 360 to capture data for some of the largest aerial images with a drone flight-time of less than 10 minutes — all through a national service provider network. Image stitching processing and hosting is then cloud-based, allowing clients to view interactive high resolution 360-images on any web-enabled device including desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones.

For more information on availability, service areas, or virtual samples, please visit

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About Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Phoenix LiDAR Systems is a Southern CA-based commercial LiDAR pioneer specializing in custom, survey-grade mapping & post-processing solutions enabling clients to collect detailed, 3D topographic information for a wide-range of commercial and research applications, including engineering, construction, mining and more. Established in 2012, Phoenix LiDAR launched the industry’s first commercial UAV LiDAR system, and since then, we continue to drive innovation in the industry, integrating the latest hardware and building automation software for every stage of laser mapping.

For more info: or +1 (323) 577-3366. For media inquiries: [email protected]. For sales inquiries: [email protected].

About Black Forest Motion

Black Forest Motion was established in 2018 to fill a niche in the engineering professional equipment industry for motion controlled applications ranging from time-lapse and gigapixel photography, to fully autonomous turntable photogrammetry scan setups. Since its completion of a successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign, Black Forest Motion has grown to offer complete multi-axis motion control solutions with linear sliders, pan & tilt heads and camera lens control units. Black Forest Motion is based in Southwest Germany.


For more info: or [email protected].

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