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The BMPower Fuel Cell Drone Became the Discovery of the “Aerobotech-2019”

The Russian drone producer UHS (Unmanned helicopter systems) became a sensation of “Aerobotech-2019” competition that took place in Tomsk (Russia) in the end of May. The drones produced by the Russian manufacturers competed in actual Gazprom facilities.

The UHS’s drone uses ahydrogen fuel cell energy systemsmanufactured by BMPower (FCPS-1000), which allowed it to fly non-stop for more than two and a half hours.

As a result the company received a special award for the original technical solution.

UHS crew executed various tasks: monitored transmission lines and trunk pipeline, also searched for the relevant people.


BMPower is a high-tech company that develops and produces hydrogen fuel cell energy systems for drones and robots. This type of energy is an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, it can store up to 10 times more energy with comparable weight and dimensions, that increase the drone flight time up to 12 hours.

 UHS is the leading developer of UAVs in the country and has its own digital production. Their UAVs are successfully used in telecommunications, construction, energy, media and other industries using best-in-class technology.

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