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Transportation of radio equipment using FB3 Cargo Drones for leading Swiss service provider cablex.

Davos, Wiesenberg, Switzerland – On 14th June, 2021, yet another successful and proven application of Cargo Drones has been witnessed in a pilot mission performed by FlyingBasket for the leading Swiss service provider cablex.

The remotely piloted multicopter FB3, equipped with an automatic cargo hook, transported radio equipment weighing up to 80kgs across a canyon in Davos Wiesen, Jenisberg. The delivery point was determined next to a mast tower where cablex technicians were to execute an antenna installation. According to the established evaluation criteria, the maneuver granted high level of flexibility to the process, resulting in the continuation of the project in to the next phase, as agreed by both parties.

Martin Müller, Head of Portfolio & Business Steering, cablex – “FlyingBasket is a drone provider with a lot of experience in transporting loads of up to 100 kg. They already have a number of successful drone operations in various countries and you can tell that they have ambitious professionals at work.”

Telecom infrastructure companies operate in a very competitive environment in Switzerland. Especially in remote areas, where there is a low population density, the associated fixed costs for optimizing the network infrastructure are relatively higher. Hence, through this mission it is proven that cargo drones can reduce costs and inefficiencies in the transportation systems of ICT infrastructure providers.

Moritz Moroder, CEO, FlyingBasket – “We appreciate the view and the willingness of cablex to challenge the status quo of existing methods and test an innovative solution that will be utilized in the future as part of their daily activities. And thanks to the prompt and efficient efforts of FOCA, the demonstration could be carried out smoothly in full compliance with the Swiss regulations.” 

About cablex: cablex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swisscom. The company specializes in the construction, maintenance and operation of high-performance ICT and network infrastructure solutions, as well as the planning and implementation of forward-looking “Smart Infrastructure”​ projects. Since January 1st 2020, cablex has strengthened its services division with 1,000 specialists from Swisscom Customer Field Service (CFS). This makes cablex one of the largest service providers in Switzerland, in addition to being the number one builder of network infrastructures. Thanks to its broad positioning and efficient organization, the company is able to realize and offer complex infrastructure projects and services throughout the whole of Switzerland.About FlyingBasket: FlyingBasket is a company based in the Italian Alps, which designs, produces and operates cargo drones with up to 100kgs payload capability today. The company was founded in 2015 and since its inception has become the benchmark in the commercial cargo drone industry. Due to the observed precision levels and essential safety measures, FlyingBasket has won the trust of various national aviation authorities and been granted operational authorization to successfully conduct critical missions for many well-known companies. Learn more about the solution here:

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