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Unmanned Safety Institute Partners with ULTRA to Promote UAS Industry Certifications in New Jersey School System

Urban Low Altitude Transport Association (ULTRA) recognizes that UAS Growth will provide significant high paid employment opportunities for today’s high school students.

Allendale, NJ (April 6, 2021) – Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) is forecasted to become the fastest growing segment of the aviation industry with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicting that there will be a need for nearly 350,000 remote (drone) pilots by 2024 to support commercial operations. ULTRA recognizes that many of these pilots will need to be introduced to this technology in high school and will become a large component of this growing workforce.  The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) is the nation’s leading provider of UAS Curriculum to high schools and community colleges and USI certifications are recognized by both industry and academia.

ULTRA Chairman and Executive Director, Ray Adams stated, “New Jersey stands to benefit greatly from the advancement of Unmanned Aircraft as their value proposition to commercial, public safety and state government users include saving money, saving time and increasing safety.  ULTRA recognizes that these benefits are maximized through the use of the most well-trained remote pilots and are very proud to partner with the Unmanned Safety Institute on introducing drone curriculum into the New Jersey school system.”

The Urban Low Altitude Transport Association (ULTRA) exists to promote the aviation and infrastructure interests of organizations operating and supporting manned and unmanned aeronautical vehicles involved in the safe and efficient transportation of people and packages around densely populated areas.  ULTRA believes that a critical component of UAS technology usage is the education and training of the remote pilot.

“We were immediately impressed with the experience, leadership team and vision of ULTRA and recognized that their deep commitment and contacts throughout New Jersey would make them a perfect partner to introduce USI’s industry leading UAS curriculum into the New Jersey school system”, added Josh Olds, USI’s President and co-founder.  “UAS technology is going to have enormous impact on the day to day lives of all Americans, and those states that prioritize UAS Curriculum in their K-12 school systems will also greatly benefit from the many jobs created from this emerging market.”

ULTRA has partnered with USI to develop a professional, skilled, and safety-forward workforce by implementing drone curriculum and to provide industry certifications for New Jersey academic institutions. The partnership also seeks to identify regional opportunities to connect learners with jobs, internships, and co-ops via USI’s Unmanned Connect workforce development initiative.

About the Unmanned Safety Institute

The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) is the industry’s most widely recognized leader in flight safety solutions for individuals, academia and organizations focused on integrating and operating UAS for civil or commercial purposes. The Unmanned Safety Institute provides UAS flight safety training and certification to operational standards based on the adoption and modification of time-honored aviation safety practices. With more than 170 instructors and over 10,000 customers around the world, including several Fortune 500 enterprises and nearly 200 schools in 35 states, USI is the global leader in commercial and academic UAS training and certification, delivering the most highly regarded training program of its kind. Programs include the Small UAS & Advanced Safety Certifications, Visual Line of Sight Systems Operations™ (VSO) and Professional Remote Operator™ (PRO) certifications and Unmanned Connect™ workforce development initiative. USI’s training and certification programs are endorsed by major aviation insurance providers and incorporated into aviation association professional development programs and have been evaluated and recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education. Discover more at

USI – Alexis Creedy          [email protected]

About Urban Low Altitude Transport Association

The Urban Low Altitude Transport Association (ULTRA) promotes the aviation and infrastructure interests of companies, operating and supporting manned and unmanned aeronautical vehicles involved in the transportation of people and packages in and around densely populated areas.  ULTRA takes a “bottom up” approach to the industry, focusing on the real operational and environmental issues that must be addressed for the integration of these new technologies into regions with congested airspace and existing air transportation operators.  Our mission is to develop industry-supportive positions that serve to inform legislators, regulators and the public about the needs and benefits of this next generation air transportation mode and allow for the practical deployment of these new technologies while supporting legacy aviation operators.

ULTRA – Ray Adams       [email protected]

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