Commercial UAV Expo Europe  

September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Veronte Autopilot Comes To The Commercial UAV Show With Enhanced Performance

Embention continues improving Veronte Autopilot features. Now, a new hardware version has been released including improved GPS accuracy. The latest update for this advanced control system includes enhanced GPS receiver for high precision positioning and RTCM support for including NTRIP server corrections in GPS positioning.

Aside from new precise positioning features included in Veronte Autopilot, Embention displays latest software updates including advanced drone control functionalities such as cloud services, curve based navigation, mission design wizard, adaptive control… and much more.

Now, with Veronte Cloud, drones moves a step forward in the M2M integration. It makes possible the synchronisation of Veronte Autopilot powered drones with the Veronte Cloud Servers permitting to control and monitor drone flight from any computer connected to the Internet.

Improved Adaptive Control is included for advanced UAV control. It makes possible to perform optimised flights in changing environments and in variable aircraft layout conditions. Flight controller can be configured to automatically monitor fluctuating conditions and self-adapt control loops for an optimised performance. Base modes also permit to just define a variable influencing in the control such as the tether weight in Tethered Drones.

Usability has also been enhanced in Veronte Pipe control software. New mission tools permit to define complex missions in a few clicks. It makes Veronte Autopilot the perfect choice for diverse operations: mapping, search and rescue, random surveillance flight, tower inspection, etc.

Sense and avoid algorithms is also one of the latest updates in Veronte Autopilot. Now it is possible to have sense and avoid features in any unmanned vehicle just by installing LIDAR or radar sensors for detecting the obstacles. Once the obstacle is detected, the system will automatically avoid it by choosing the optimum route for continuing with the operation.

Other key difference in Veronte Autopilot is the support for certification. This advanced control system is the core of the first RPAS issued with a type certificate in Europe. Compliance with DO254 & DO178 regulations up to DAL B level provides the reliability and documentation required for entering a certification process with any aviation authority.

Furthermore, Veronte Autopilot is the unique control system for UAVs including curve-based navigation. Latest control algorithms permit to define the route as a 3D curve on the map. It makes a difference over traditional waypoint based control systems permitting to follow the desired path with an unprecedented accuracy.

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Do not miss this opportunity for meeting Embention team and delight with an HIL simulation demonstration for Veronte Autopilot features at the Commercial UAV Show. Booth #233.

Booth: 233

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