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World’s first developers oriented autonomous drone hardware solutions

Following the unstoppable trend of drones’ permeation, the drone charging stations business is rising in different corners globally, some suppliers even certified by the FAA, which has attracted more and more developers’ attention. Shenzhen HEISHA Technology, one of the biggest drone in-a-box manufacturers, has decided to completely open its autonomous drone hardware solutions to developers, including the Developer Kit DK80, drone charging control module K100, and ODM OEM service of both drone charging system and battery swapping system.

HEISHA autonomous drone hardware solutions for developers

Three types of drone docking stations can be found from the HEISHA website, DNEST small size drone in-a-box solution, D80 medium size, and D135 large size of drone docks, which are all developed based on the DPad series of the drone charging pad, the main part of DK80. So any developer can design and develop their unique structure of autonomous drone charging stations with a HEISHA DK80, the communication board K100-TX is included with 485, CAN, and TTL interface reserved for more expanding necessaries.

If you don’t like the DPad design, and only want the core control modules, HEISHA K100 may just suit your wish. I also found six customize solutions from HEISHA, different shapes, and cover opening types are interesting, but the most fun part is their automatic battery and parcel swapping solutions, which I only heard the similar applications on cars, it has pointed out a brand new conception to solve the drone battery issue.

HEISHA factory

About their factory, not really large (considering how big is one drone charging station), less than 2,000 square meters. But relatively considerable in the whole drone charging industry, many other suppliers haven’t posted any information of their factories yet. HEISHA is really honest in this aspect, they are making 20 to 40 units of DNEST and D80 drone dock each week, and are capable of making 100 standard products in 20 days, according to their video.

About HEISHA Technology

HEISHA Technology is found in 2018, focuses on drone charging pads and stations. DNEST fully autonomous drone system as the leading product, D80 and D135 drone charging dock hardware solution, and DPad series drone charging pads are the rest main products of HEISHA. All HEISHA products are drone charging related and will continue to be the only concentrated product. Only focus makes the close to the perfect product, HEISHA believes. 

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