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Eagle One

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Oderska 333
Praha , CZ 19600
Czech Republic
Booth #914

Eagle One

The mission of Eagle.One project is to protect a specified area from intrusion of unauthorized drones. For this purpose we have designed the Eagle, an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle which can safely eliminate intruder drones without the need of human intervention
Eagle is designed to be able to carry 15 kilograms worth of load. It has max flight time of 40 minutes. The shooting net is 5 meters wide and has an effective reach of 10 meters.
Eagle uses a state of the art 3D stereo camera and artificial intelligence for drone detection, tracking, trajectory estimation, movement prediction and offensive maneuver planning. Everything is calculated on the on-board computer.
Eagle can be connected to an external detection system via API. For smaller and portable use cases our iOS application can be used instead.
The project is being developed for 6 years in cooperation with the Multi-robot Systems group from the Czech Technical University in Prague lead by Ing. Martin Saska Ph.D.



  • Drone Detection
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security
  • Public Safety & Emergency Services

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