September 15-17, 2020 | Paris Las Vegas | Las Vegas


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331 South 104th Street, Suite 130
Louisville , CO 80027
United States
Booth #300


Our goal at Quspin is to develop the highest performance atomic devices in the world by combining the latest advances in physics and technology. Our present focus is building optical atomic magnetometers for biomedical and geophysical applications.

The featured magnetometer at the UAV Expo is the QuSpin Total-Field Magnetometer (QTFM). The QTFM was developed under Navy funding(SBIR) for magnetic anomaly detection. The QTFM was designed to be a compact, low-power package for easy integration into small platforms like UAV and UUVs. This high-sensitivity scalar magnetometer can resolve minute field changes with field sensitivity at 1 pT/vHz in DC-100 Hz band. Our sensor is among the highest performing scalar magnetometer in the world. The QTFM’s unique combinations of performance, size, and power usage make it ideal for use in a wide range of applications. 

Key Applications: Geophysics, mineral and energy prospecting, unexploded ordnance detection, Abandoned well head detection



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