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6 Predictions for 2016:
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6 Predictions for 20162016 is already shaping up to be an important year for commercial drone operators with the comprehensive set of rules regarding operation from the FAA set to be announced this summer.

New and improved sensor technology is also set to debut which will create countless opportunities for professionals in various markets. However, these are not the only things that 2016 has in store for the industry, and there are plenty of details to be explained and explored with each of these developments.

This report will answer key questions like:

  • How will the FAA’s comprehensive set of rules regarding commercial drone operation impact companies that want to explore what drones can do for them?
  • What specific capabilities will new sensor technology create?
  • Will we soon be able to think about safety in the sky in a whole new way?

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Jeremiah Karpowicz is the Executive Editor for Commercial UAV News. He has created articles, videos, newsletters, ebooks and plenty more for various communities as a contributor and editor. He has also worked as the Executive Editor for ProVideo Coalition where he was first introduced to UAV technology. Get in touch via Twitter or LinkedIn.

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