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In these industry-specific reports, UAV experts share their key insights on implementing unmanned aerial systems in various industrial settings.

7 Predictions for 2017

We connected with industry experts from all corners of the commercial UAV industry to bring you 7 important developments you’ll be facing in 2017.

Surveying & Mapping

A select few industry leaders have been using UAV surveying technology for years. Read this report to see how widespread adoption could impact the industry as a whole.

Civil Infrastructure

Inspecting bridges, tunnels and highways has been revolutionized by drone technology. In this report, learn how UAV adoption has changed the scope of work that can be safely completed by engineers.

Mining & Aggregates

UAVs have the ability to significantly impact the safety of mining and aggregate operations. DIscover how UAV use internationally has helped this industry, and what it may mean for the United States.


UAVs present a wealth of opportunities for the construction industry. Read this report and find out how data-gathering, safety applications and inventory management can benefit from drone use.

Process, Power & Utilities

With massive infrastructures, scalability and logistics are critical for utility companies when it comes to drone technology. Discover what else is on the minds of utilities professional integrating UAS.

Precision Agriculture

With Part 107 in place, farmers are now focused on the ROI of drone technology. Read this report to discover what that means for farmers, and what’s on the horizon.

Law Enforcement, Emergency Response & Search and Rescue

Emergency response & SAR professionals are using UAVs to protect people and save lives. Investigate those methods as well as the barriers to wide-spread adoption.

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