Meeting 2022 FIFA World Cup Construction Goals with Drones

With Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup and its National Vision 2030 plan getting closer, the country is already working on a project of a massive scale: contract 2 of the Orbital Highway in the city of Doha, a 14-lane road with 5 vehicle lanes and 2 dedicated truck lanes going in each direction. Arcadis, a…

OneSky’s Solution to Avoid Air Collisions

Monitoring air traffic as a drone pilot isn’t easy, but it is essential as to avoid incidents between drones and manned aircrafts – a popular topic, nowadays. The Swiss-based startup OneSky is working on a solution to fix this. OneSky develops and produces air traffic awareness systems to “safely and efficiently open the sky to…

Commercial UAV Expo 2017

Sky’s The Limit

With unparalleled education and more exhibitors than at any other commercial drone show, Commercial UAV Expo is the best choice for industry professionals who need to keep up-to-date with rapidly evolving commercial UAS developments, trends and technology.

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