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An Update on Drone Regulation and U-space Integration in Europe

We’ve explored EASA’s (European Aviation Safety Agency) efforts to streamline UAV regulations and approval processes across Europe, and their work with SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) to coordinate and concentrate all EU research and development is set to open up the skies for commercial drone operators across the continent. Much of that will be opened…

How Easy is it to Integrate the UX11 Drone Into a Professional Mapping Toolkit?

The UX11 from Delair made waves throughout the industry when it was announced and showcased at INTERGEO. Positioned as the ultimate solution for geospatial professionals focused on large-area mapping, Delair has made a conscious effort to ensure users will be able to easily incorporate it into their established workflow. The drone’s flight time, 3G/4G connectivity…

How Can UAV Data Solve Imaging Problems?

The morning after fire has destroyed most of your vineyard, you realize that you must decide whether or not to replant. Your UAV with multispectral imager was optimized to detect water stress using specific wavelength bands, but now the plants are gone and you wonder about the quality of the soil, now strewn with combustion…

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