Automating the Future of Drone Technology with Intel and DELAIR – Commercial UAV Expo 2018

As drones become more efficient, and the amount of data able to be captured by drones increases exponentially, the need for automated analysis solutions has become a primary concern for operators and organizations. Two years ago, to meet these expectations, DELAIR partnered with Intel to develop the Intel Insight Platform. Last month, DELAIR announced a key investment from Intel to continue to push the development of AI-powered data analytics software even further.

During the Commercial UAV Expo, Jeremiah Karpowicz joined Anil Nanduri, Intel Drone Group’s Vice President & General Manager, and Benjamin Benharrosh, DELAIR’s Co-Founder, to discuss what this investment means to both companies, and how the Intel Insight Platform has evolved and continues to help customers. They also discuss what the future holds for their companies, how new developments will change expectations for users of all types and much more.



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