Commercial UAV Expo 2016 – Sky-Futures Announces the Launch of Expanse

There were a number of announcements and updates coming out of the 2016 Commercial UAV Expo, but we wanted to make sure we talked with Sky-Futures about their launch of Expanse. The drone-based industrial inspection platform, significantly enhances the way organizations view, understand and manage their assets. Clients are able to present inspection findings in a 3D environment and reach the deepest level of inspection information in just a couple clicks.

James Harrison is the CEO and co-founder of Sky-Futures, and he was on hand at the Expo to talk about how the software can make an impact for enterprise users. He talked through how users can create reports, what expectations have changed for users and much more.




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  1. Pete Fonseca

    What a disappointing event. I was there for the whole event and the reality of processing data is not on a phone or tablet……the exchange of ideas were not present and surveying distribution companies are NOT commercial UAV companies……the same old boys trying to make a buck off of technology that doesn’t work.

    • Jeremiah Karpowicz

      Sorry to hear that, Pete. I didn’t really hear anyone talking about processing data on the actual phone or tablet as the solution, but in using those tools to capture info which is then sent to the cloud for processing, or having it sent where it needs to go for processing. The Stockpile Reports solution ( comes to mind as a good example of that sort of workflow.

      Many people enjoy and actually prefer to see companies that have solutions which are specific to an industry, rather than a “drone company” which might not have as deep of an understanding around the issues that professionals are dealing with. Maybe you could let me know what sort of specific solution/info/product you were looking to learn more about?

  2. Sean Jefferys

    Having adopted and used this technology unimpeded by FAA legislation in the mining environment for over 5 years, it was pleasing to experience the abundance of new solutions displayed at the UAV Expo. There were many good presentations but two I attended defined for me how quickly the sector has innovated – the Airobotics ( automated drone solution and Airware’s ( data management platform are giving us a good look into the future. To the contrary, I think the ‘same old boys’ are trying hard to keep up with the explosion of entrepreneural initiative at the moment. And boy, does this technology work!!

    • Jeremiah Karpowicz

      Glad to hear it! The Airobotics solution is a really exciting one. Planning to rollout an interview with Ran shortly.

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