Drones Used for Automated Warehouse Inventory

GEODIS and DELTA DRONE have developed a joint solution for automated warehouse inventory using drones. The final delivery of a completed prototype is planned for first-quarter 2017.

This November, a few months after the start-up of the project and in line with the planned schedule, the initial development phase of the project has come to a successful conclusion following extensive testing in real-life conditions at the sites of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône (near Paris) and Plaisance-du-Touch (near Toulouse).

The cooperation between the two companies started back on April 2016. At the time GEODIS and DELTA DRONE agreed on developing a system for automated warehouse inventory using drones. The main focus is its integration in the entire value chain, including data processing and retrieval in the GEODIS information system, Warehouse Management System (WMS). This new system ensures data counting and reporting in real time.

The first prototype combines a quadcopter drone fit with high-resolution cameras and a ground-based robot equipped with a battery providing the necessary energy for the system. Operated through several dedicated electronic and computer systems, and featuring indoor geolocation technology, they function in complete autonomy during the warehouse’s closed hours.

The final delivery of a completed prototype is planned for first-quarter 2017, followed by the start of the industrial development phase prior to the start-up of operational use at the warehouses of GEODIS and its customers in France and internationally. GEODIS is a Supply Chain Operator ranking among the top companies in the field in Europe and the World.

The DELTA DRONE group, based in France, is a renowned player in the sector of civilian drones for professional use. It offers a global service ranging from data acquisition to data processing using a specially developed IT system, for industries as Mining Topographic Survey & Imaging, Agriculture, Industrial Inspection or Hidrology.




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